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Fancy Sign for an Eye Doctor's Office


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I have a doctor's office that I've done sign work for in the past... He has a request for some new building signage, maybe a 2'x8' non-illuminated carved wood sign. His building is "industrial modern" and he was asking about a carved wood sign to go above his doorway. His office actually has two suites and he needs his name on a sign above HIS doorway.

I sent him to another sign shop in town to which the owner (some of you know) is known for great designs and old school style, but he said he doesn't do wood anymore and turned it down.

The level of craftsmanship / quality he's wanting is beyond my average ACM comfort zone. I told the customer this was beyond my talents and that I would post this on here to see if this might interest another sign shop.

Is there anyone interested in working with this client? I don't want to be involved or get in the middle of this deal, I'm only interested in doing a receive and install. If someone is interested you can message me and I can provide a site survey with more pictures.



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I'm a little confused. You sent the guy to a local shop that is experienced in doing carved signs and they turned him away. To me this means one of a few things.

1. The guy specified wood and wouldn't accept HDU or PVC. While wood is still a substrate used, from a practicality stand point, HDU, PVC, and other foams/plastics are taking over the industry.

2. Unrealistic budget.

3. Unrealistic idea.


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I think it would be a shame to cover up the architectural element up there. Can't do a sign down in the flower beds? I think looking for the correct door from a car you would want a sign at ground level rather than up in the rafters.


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A well designed carved sign would look fantastic in that spot as long as it doesn't need to capture viewers attention from an extremely long distance. This is a dream job, at least design-wise. I don't know about the client.


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The doorway is high enough, one could dangle a very nice sign from that lam beam and still fit in quite nicely with the surrounding appearance. It should also be stationary, not on chains or some sorta swinging mount.

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I have used these guys before, http://www.foamcraft.info/ the signs are bomb proof, you design the sign for the client (design fee), get a quote tack on your small mark-up (15 to 50 percent depending on final cost and perceived value) and then you get the full install too.


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This would not be his main sign... He already has a nice channel letter / halo lit sign on the middle of the building. Problem is there are two entrances and both are unmarked and people get confused...sign doesn't need to be seen from the road.

Ill check out the foam craft idea.

Assumptions about the client are best kept to yourself... The guy is incredibly kind and easy going. I think the guy at the other sign company just overly busy..he's got 3 other businesses he's opened up in the last few years. Hes flaked out on some bids that I picked up on last few weeks. You know, sometimes the problem can be the sign business owner, not actually the client...
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If it was me, I'd make a circular "seal" type sign for that location, centered on the crossbars. Shows the architectural wood and works well for the space.
A solid steel hanger might be a nice option to not take away from the architectural beams above, as well. Ornamental Post and Panel would have some nice hanger options and I second Peachtree Foamcraft.


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A solid steel hanger might be a nice option to not take away from the architectural beams above, as well. Ornamental Post and Panel would have some nice hanger options and I second Peachtree Foamcraft.
I forgot about that website, I'll check them out!

That's a nice idea with fixed posts...I didn't think about that. Swinging signs are illegal here...as they should be.


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I would need to talk to the client and survey the site. I would be reluctant to hang a sign from that wooden architectural detail, it might look cheap or gaudy. I need to see how the whole property works, and what role the other signs on the property fill. A small post and panel sign to the side, informed by the other sign and whatever branding this business has, may be more appropriate.


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What about something like this? Powdercoated aluminum panface backer, ACM secondary panel and some dimensional letters. These are a bit deep because of the boldness of the typeface, but you could use a nice classy font like Optima, Trajan, etc. and give it a little depth, not not knock people over the head with it.

He has plenty of earth tones and organic textures already. A wooden sign would seem to blend in too much.

Something clean and low maintenance would fit in well.


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I think I like the suggestion about Peachtree City foamcraft..Collindesigns's suggestion is actually what the client told me about today when I showed them this sign above the doorway, so you are right... Doorway is just too tall for eye level. HDU sign may be appropriate... There were no takers on this so I guess I'm going to give it go... what's the worst that can happen...they don't like it?