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File copying Software...?


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I'm just wondering if there is a program out there that you can install on a system that will automatically copy files from a cd when they are opened without letting the user know they are being copied?

Is there anything like that out there?


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Im not shure I want to know why you need to do that.. .. :cool: ?

However there is a way to copy an entire cd...

There is a way to write a batch file that will run when you insert a cd.. it will copy the entire cd to a directory on your hard drive... but I dont know of a way to grab just the file that is opened... you would have to setup your computer to autorun a batch file when a cd is inserted...

Good luck with it...


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well, it's a long story...but the short version is...

we have an employee who almost everyday is printing off a ton of personal stuff (lots of it, not just 1 or 2 sheets) on our colour copier, then laminating it, then binding it into books and not paying for any of it. It's been going on now for months and the boss would like to see exactly what it is he is doing.

Copying the entire cd would work even better than just the files that are opened...would it work also when a memory stick is put in?


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Do a remote desk top! and you can see every thing, Or install a camera system in the office.

Are you MAC or PC?


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Yes get a remote view program.. do a google search for

"spy on employees computer" and look at the software you can get.

Is he doing this when no one is there? You could just walk over to the machine and grab what he is doing? or flat out ask him... its your equipment not his. If he is printing then laminating it sounds like he is setting up some sort of book to show people examples.. maby he is doing a little side work with your equipment?

Or on the not so paranoid side.. Maby he is printing digital pics of his family..

either way its not his equipment to use for free, I understand 1 or 2 pages every so often but not a large volume.. Tell him kinkos charges 1.00 per color copy so you will charge him .50 :biggrin:


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I'd pull him/her aside......

I have a problem with subversive guerrilla tactics....it's like all this software
to spy on kids to see who they're chatting with and what sites they're visiting.
How about....uhhhhhhhh....your kid doesn't need to be chatting on the internet and put the damn computer in the family room.


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we are on PC.

It's actually a printing company that I work at (I don't own the business). I will look into the remote view program mentioned.

Moving the computer into the living room is not really an option...:Coffee:


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I'm with Shovelhead on this one - shouldn't the first step be to talk to the employee? While it may sound like more fun to play techno-spy (and will let you avoid the problem longer...), I think just talking to the individual, or having your boss talk to them, would be a nicer way to go about it.

Just my 2 cents (and :Canada: cents at that...heehee)


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We had a similiar situation at the printing company I used to work for. Management stewed and steamed and tried to figure out how to "catch" the guy doing his personal stuff. Finally supervisor had enough of it and just flat out asked the guy why he thought it was proper to use company resources like that. Turned out he was just printing out samples of his work, but they told him he had to stop and he did. Guy thought it was no problem because when he first started they told him he could samples of his work out... Just a thought before you go the sneaky route.


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thanks for the advice everyone, I'm going to look into this kind of stuff to keep an eye on the kids.... :thumb:

Bobby H

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Evader, here's a couple more workable solutions:

1. Have the boss actually sit down with the employee and tell him to stop using the company printer for his personal use.

2. Move the printer to a central area where lots of people will see what he is doing.

Frankly, I'd just go with #1. I would offer a #3. solution: install a surveillance camera and record his activity. But if I had to get to that point with a co-worker I would just want them fired anyway.


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I agree with you...if it were up to me I would have said something to this guy along time ago. I think he should have been fired along time ago...it's not like he's just doing a couple of copies here and there...it's well beyond that (did I mention he has no real reason to be on the computer...he's not a designer or anything like that).

Anyways, thanks for all the tips everyone. I just wanted to get an idea if there was something easily available sort of to give the boss a little more convincing, rather than just the word of myself and a couple others...


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What operating system do they use? If NT, Windows 2000 pro or XP pro you could lock them out of being able to use CD, usb etc. by assigning privileges.


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Net Monitor for Employees Professional

allows you to see screens of computers connected to the network. This way you can observe what your employees are doing! Additionally, you have the ability to take control of a remote computer by controlling the mouse and keyboard. You can also send a message to remote computer and/or lock the remote computer. Application works through Internet. Agent can be remotely installed.

What is it useful for?

For monitoring your children’s activities on a remote computer.

For monitoring students in the classroom to achieve better discipline or, just to assist them (by using the remote control feature) when they are in trouble.

For lowering your business costs by monitoring what your employees are doing on their computers and helping them when they call you. Using the remote control feature enables you to fix problems remotely without visiting them; this saves you precious time.

For administrating all computers just from one location - your computer.

This is what i used.. I never did mind a staff member using the equipment for school projects and never did mind when one of the staff used any thing for that,, matter as long as it was OPEN and PUBLIC..

But as any good parent (supervisor) knows.. compliance to rules means monitor the usage because kids (employees) will push the limits..

Thats a fact..


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Doesn't apply to the original question but.............

we don't need to monitor children because they shouldn't have their own internet connection in the first place....or their own T.V., or their own cel phone.......you can get into alot of trouble in your room...God knows I did.