Finally something good from COVID-19


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I agree! They were literally stalking me for months, trying to harass us into paying them for their services. We'd say no, they'd persist, we'd say no and hang up and they'd call back. We'd hang up again and they'd email and then call again. That sales person would finally move on to a new job, a new one would be hired, and the harassment would start all over, same pattern. So obviously this is what they trained their employees to do.
Their software also removed several 5-star ratings from some of our customers because those customers were not frequent Yelp users. I will not be unhappy if Yelp didn't survive this crisis. I'm sorry for employees losing jobs, but perhaps the bonus is that they end up working for a much more ethical company.


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You know what else is good? This is 5pm on Thursday... Usually a complete parking lot.



facebook and google are passively blowing yelp out of the water. totally agree that their platform is a scam in the sense that theirs more opportunity for trolls to do damage, than there are for legit reveiws to represent your business, unless you pay to play.


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You know what else is good? This is 5pm on Thursday... Usually a complete parking lot.

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I know you are trying to stay Positive and I appreciate that, I am trying as well, but I call that SCARY. The economy is not coming back if they keep this up for Long. Lack of traffic means lack of business.

We are staying somewhat busy with Floor Graphics and Signage for Hospitals but we are billing 25-30% of what we were invoicing two months ago. No Trade Show Displays and Digital Printing is down.
This does not feel like Texas.
This Medicine is worse than the Illness itself. Trump needs to start the Economy up again ASAP otherwise so many Businesses in the USA will be toast.
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Well, here in the People's Republic of California (The PRC)
  • Oakland has cut off a lot of streets to cars so people can walk
  • LA County is keeping buses and park restrooms open for homeless only. One bus driver who publicly complained about having the busses running without protection for the workers died from COVID-19
  • LA County is looking at May 19 to keep us locked down.
  • The Counties, who have killed our business with their stay at home orders and school closures, will not waive late fees for property taxes due 4/10. Wait, What? They shut is down but will charge a 10% penalty to miss a payment.
  • Someone paddle boarding in the ocean by himself was arrested for not social distancing even though he was by himself
  • A county health officer posted on his facebook page a day at the beach with his family after his order shut down the beach to public access (see the previous point!)
  • Our Highway Patrol is enforcing stay at home by pulling anyone over for any nuisance reason they can write a citation for
  • The PRC is using cell phone location data to target where social distancing isn't happening

Our vendors are the most understanding. As we hurt, so do they. They are letting us go over 30 days on our net accounts as we have several orders still sitting here without much hope of getting final payment for a while. They will eventually all come in but we don't expect it before July at this point.

I re-read the yelp story every day to lift my spirits. They can burn in hell.


My business has picked up greatly this week, out of the blue a bunch of new jobs. Things are looking up and the stock market is going up.