Firmware update Mutoh 1204E error


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Make sure you are using firmware from Europe.
1204E is the European model, it may have special firmware.

Yes certainly I took an insertion from the European sources.!


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Need to change a Dip Switch on the Heater Control Board, he called Mutoh and they got him working again...
How it to make!!!!!!?????


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Well, I have understood. Rescue rolling a handwork rolling so speak at us in Russia. And so after long meditations I have understood as to win this animal. To correct mistake E079 err commu. It is necessary to enter into a mode of programming having pressed PowerON and keeping left button.
After that it is necessary to close the two first contact that is specified in picture 3. By means of the program of updating to send file HFW_V114.mfl. To wait successful completion and to reboot. And it WORKS!!! I am happy, thank you all who has not helped me:) I have won this animal!!!! :))))):rock-n-roll::rock-n-roll::rock-n-roll::rock-n-roll::rock-n-roll::rock-n-roll::rock-n-roll:




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There is last problem, to disaccustom this printer from smart card! Someone Can knows here as it to make??!! Write to me, I shall be very grateful!