First BIG snow!


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We have missed the snow all winter and now just got hit with 11" and counting in the last 24 hours. I live 1/2 mile off the road, and that road does not see many plow (we are about 2 miles off the highway) So the only tractor I had plugged in was the big four wheel drive I pull the ripper with. So I have been out "pulling" snow with it all dfay. I plowed around 5 mles of the area roads, then drove into town and dug out the shop. I pulled out at leat 4 cars on the way to town. The best part was the look I got when I had that thing parted at the bar for a "break" at lunch.
I will post pics in a bit if I can upload them.


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Interesting story Mosh,
I figured you'd use some kind of alcohol fueled flame thrower to clear snow.

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guam usa


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Not something you see parked at the bar all the time, the tires are over 6 foot tall and there are 8 of them since I have the duals on it. plus the "home-made" plow I got hung on the back that is 8 feet wide. On the way home I plowed the shoulder on the highway and made it safe for the public. I don't just go out and get drunk and shoot stuff, like to help out.