Flexi 8.5 production manager problem


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I am new to flexi 8.5, i'm running it on vista, which i've heard has numeral problems. after opening production manager it allowed me to go as far the layout screen I went to print in the print que (as i call it), and an error message pops up, "Production Manager has stopped working" ? a problem has caused the program to stopped working correctlly, windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
i have reloaded the program, then it allowed me to get a little further past this error message, as far as opening the print que, then another error popped up that says there is not enough memory, i have a new computer with 528GB available and 6GB of ram, any ideas out there?


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Possible firewall conflict?

I use 8.5 with WinXP pro. In the past there have been similar problems w/ prod. mgr if you have a Firewall running in the backround. Windows has a firewall that's active by default, you'll need to go into Control Panel - windows firewall to disable it. Also disable any other add on Firewalls and try running Flexi again.

If this corrects the problem then use a router which has a hardware firewall to protect your system.

Hope that helps!

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Flexi 8.5 has this problem in Vista and XP (it is not a Vista only issue). We started running into this exact problem as soon a we started updating to 8.5. We tried different brands of network cards. We tried with the Windows firewall and without. We tried many things and still saw the same issue in Production Manager.

Someone on this forum mentioned that there may be an update to 8.5 v2? I have not seen the update and am not sure if it fixed this problem. I really hope it is fixed as we had to start recommending other RIP software because people assumed this was a computer problem (naturally) and we received several support calls with this same symptom. Some of those same customers reverted back to the previous version on Flexi and the problem went away. Others changed to different RIP software (Onyx, Wasatch, etc) and no more problem.

I would check with Flexi and see if there are any updates for 8.5 that fix your problem. I, for one, would be very interested in your progress. It would be nice to be able to feel comfortable recommending Flexi again.

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It is usually traced back to some sort of communications issue.......

That was our first thought. I am not talking one system that we saw this on. I would say in the neighborhood of "dozens".

My problem with that idea is that the previous versions of Flexi (on the very same computers) worked without any of the same issues. So did other brands of RIP software.


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I see your point and really want to agree with you... I have found in almost every extreme case that once I investigated and resolved all communications issues the problem seem to go away... I have also found, can't prove any of this that if the AC Voltage that supplies the printer is not very clean (meaning persitent voltage fluctuations) this problem seems to show itself... I can't prove any of this beyond reasonable doubt but have solved this issue for many folks so far... "KNOCK ON WOOD"......... Enjoy The Weekend.............


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Apparently there were issues with Flexi 8.5 and there is an update.
If you contact your retailer they will be able to send you the 8.5 v2 service pack 1 DVD.
Mine is currently in the mail.

Hope this helps.


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We ordered 8.5 from SignBiz our sign makers network and we recieved Flexi 8.6 v1. I have to say I hated flexi before this. Its the first version I have had that can poll size our media with our roland over the network. It hasn't crashed on my once. Plus the real selling point I think is the prints. I never printed from flexi before this because of the horrible color. But this version has a new color engine and its been pretty good maybe a little too much ink coverage but they look good. I almost forgot the Versaworks button in flexi now. With the click of said button my file is in versaworks and ready for print. Now if SAI would just put the Linerization tool back into production manager I would never complain about them again. Well except maybe for their horrible business practices (selling upgrade to fix problems they should have sorted out before release)