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flexi 8 - bulk order


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Hello everyone,

Has anyone ever tried to organize a bulk purchase price from SA/flexi ?

I would be very interested in trying that and I would organize the deal with them, if I knew I had some interested people so that I could have real numbers to talk with SA about.

For example, If I could honestly tell them I want to purchase 25 (or some other number) copies, I'm sure I could get some sort of deal, but I would like to know I honestly have that many people interested in making the purchase before I talk to SA.

Let me know if anyone is interested.



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just tell them you do 7 see where it gets you. If the deal is good enough, the buyers will materialize... plus you will have the first other 5 people all helping you find the other 20 so they can save some money. I'm not too optimistic, so I don't think a lot of energy should be spent getting people lined up for something if they may get the door slammed in their face.

When I was ready for a second copy of Flexi, I asked for a break because of countless wasted hours & undelivered promises from SA... I thought they may have been willing to make up for some of the bad business experience they left off with in our business together... but they didn't offer nearly as good a deal on a second copy to this longtime customer (& former CasMate & Inspire user) as Signlab did... so I bought Signlab instead of a second copy of Flexi 7

...but, if you do go to them... ask about Flexi 7 users upgrading to 8. There may be a number of interested folks in that position (like me) if they agree to something like 20% off for a 25 person deal regardless of if it's a purchase of the full version or just an upgrade.


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be sure its not 20% off retail.. but a true discount from the prevailing true purchase price.. (the one they really charge when you buy it from a distro)..


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Good luck when I was teaching I tried with autodesk for autocad their final was site license No manuals , nothing & they cut 50 bucks on 25 packages educational I made them ship ever da88 book & manual they dont care whether they sell 1-100 it costs them the same & more profit on the 100 sign people are the only ones cutting their own throats & prices

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
There are any number of valid reasons why your proposal will most likely never get to first base. Suffice it to say that SA's dealers would not like it very much for openers.

OTOH, there's absolutely nothing stopping any legitimate dealer for ScanVec-Amiable from stepping up and doing some business by offering group pricing.


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I dunno why, but I bought 7.6, and 2 months later they sent me the upgrade to Flexi 8. Free. Not sure if it was Scanvec or Sign Warehouse, but whoever did give it to me... THANKS!