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Flexi alternatives for Wide Format Printing and Contour Cutting


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Ok. Here's the Deal. We have a Mutoh Junior Wide Format Printer and a 50 inch Panther plotter. We are trading in the panther for a graphtec for its ease of contour cutting. The software that sign warehouse gave us to use is Flexi-Pro 7.5. We did not want or ask for a complete sign making program. We have used corel programs for 15 years. Before we upgraded to the mutoh we were using a roland pc-600 and printing/cutting directly from coreldraw 9.

My Point is,
1. Are there any plug-ins out there that can cut and print directly from corel? (like cocut but printing also)
2. Are there any programs that do not require a dongle? (they suck over a network)
3. Which programs do you recommend and why?

The main thing is, if you are a corel or adobe user you pretty much know that flexi sucks and any alternatives would be much appreciated!!!


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Onyx or Wasatch are two I can think of, and I believe that both of them have a contour cutting feature as well.

We currently use the dreaded Flexi, its all in opinion on what you like to use. I have used Onyx in the past with our old Colorspan with good results, and we are looking at switching over our print workflow to Onyx rather than Flexi anyways.


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Cocut has a RIP called Pjannto RIP.. its very good,
go get the demo and see for yourself..



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Hey Techman, seems like the Pjannto RIP used to come with CoCut Pro, but the later updates don't seem to include it. I never used it but remember it being part of the install. Any ideas?