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Flexi Printing with reg marks


New Member
Is there any way in flexi to print the reg marks on your normal printer and not through the pro mgr? I just want to print some 8.5x11's on an inkjet and cut them and I don't see a way in flexi to use your regular printer in mgr or print reg marks using file-print.

Thanks, Dave


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If I'm following you correctly, just select the reg. marksand your image and print to printer. Well..., maybe I'm thinking of something else. I have my reg. printer, in print menu. Hope this helps.


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If it's just basic black print, you can add it to Prod Manager and print as you do with any high end printer.

However, this does only use the basic print mode of the printer, so if your using features of the printer's print manager, they will not work.

Example: If your printing on photo paper, through Flexi Prod Manager, it won't lay enough ink down.


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Since you mention Graphtec type 2 marks, I'm assuming you wish to contour cut an image you printed on your desktop inkjet machine, correct? If so, the Graphtec web site and your manual explain the size and location for printing the marks, and for manually aligning them in the cutter. I've done this once, and it's a bear. Usually, I use the built-in marks and the rip then sends the information to print (to the Mutoh)and contour (to the Graphtec) in 2 separate files.

If you need the pdf instructions, let me know.