FlexiSign for Dummies.........


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The old operation....

cobbwebs and all, is in the later stages of being purchased
by a national sign company. I was offered a postion Friday.



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Shovel, make sure in your contract you get unlimited time to signs101.

Good luck with new company.


Dennis Raap

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Shovel, Mark's training cd's are excellent we purchased them about a year ago I thought I new a lot about Flexi until we got the cd's :thumb:

Sign Guy

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We also bought the trainging cd's and it seems every time I go through them I pick up a tidbit of information. Flexi is so complex even with his training cd's, as you become more proficient with flexi you will pickup on info in them.


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Would it be safe to assume these would be helpful with Vinyl Express LXi, since its supposedly a rebranded Flexi-sign??? I'm interesting in getting more info and training on it..

Joseph Dunkle

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When I go to givemehelp.com a download link opens and when i click save it doesn't reconize the file, in other words it doesn't know what program to open it with, and then nothing shows up on the browser.


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LXi is Flexi on a slim fast diet. Its actually made by Flexi for signwarehouse. Just like SSK's designTech 60, it is made by Graphtec for SSK but it too is slimed down compared to Graphtecs stamped machines.


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I'm glad this post showed up & because of at least 2 good referrals, I just ordered the $129 pair of flexi training CD's (#1 & 2)

I've had Flexi sitting on the shelf for 2 years while my addiction to casmate kept me from taking the plunge, but now that I am on the brink of finalizing my decision to buy a 60" Mimaki JV3... I will need the rip. I also recently hired a guy who is not a casmate user anyway & thought about buying signlab for him since he has 3 years on it, but he looked at flexi just a little bit (in the signlab workspace) & really likes it, so since I got it, & he needs to learn something around here... & we just got our new Dell server online today... it's time to pull that decrepid old windows 98 machine out of the mix & get busy on Flexi. So, thanks to the high marks they recieved in this thread, I'm confident the training CD's will be a real good jumpstart.

By the way, I also got the strange download box from the link down at the bottom of the page, or if I just typed in www.givemehelp.com but I found the info for ordering the cd's here:



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I have FlexiStarter... I guess its a very limited version of Flexi thats why I like Corel way better, if only I can figure out how to directly cut from it :help:

I just been doing all my designs from corel and copy and pasting them into FlexiStarter and sending it to the cutter.


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Dennis Raap said:
Doug be sure to get the latest version of Flexi if your copy is two years old there have been a lot of improvements.

Very good advice!

Depending on what version you have Doug the upgrade to 7.6 may be free.
I know that for 7.0 and up it is a free upgrade to 7.6 but not sure on lower versions,
some one else may know or give Flexi customer service a call.

To get the free upgrade to 7.6 just call customer service and they will send
you the disk for the price of shipping.


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Thanks guys, I just picked up 7.6 from Scanvec amiable last week in Hinolulu when they had a rep at the open house where I was checking out the mimaki equipment. I had 7.2 or something that I had upgraded from 7.0 while it was on my shelf (onlt the most current version for my shelves)