FlexiSIGN Pro and Omega 4.0 Together on one computer?


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I've searched some past topics and found some that date back to 2005 where someone was successful in running both software packages on one computer, but on Windows 7, I was successfully running FlexiSIGN Pro 8.6v2 and I bought the Omega upgrade and had planned to run them both on one computer and eliminate KVM switches, multiple keyboards, mouse, and no more Windows 98 for my old GA 6.2. Now, after tech help from Gerber, I am able to get Omega up and running and communicating to my Gerber Edge, but Flexi locks me out... security key does not match password. I've re-loaded and tried over and over to get my Flexi back up and running, but no luck. No calls back from tech support yet, and I'm locked out of my own software.

Hopefully I can back track and unload Omega, go back to my Sentinel 7.5 drivers for the security key and get back to work. This all started last night at 7pm and today at 1:15 pm, I have no Flexi capabilities.

Anyone else out there able to run both Flexi and Omega on Windows 7? I don't need Flexi to print to the Edge... I just need Omega to do that, but I have been designing in Flexi since 1995 and don't want to completely start over and have to learn Omega. I'd rather ease into it over time.

Thanks, any input appreciated.

Kurt Gaber:help


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I checked back on that old thread hoping for clues to jog my memory, but I can't say I have any good news for you.

I hope you get it worked out because I recently switched my 4 production workstations to identical Dell Optiplex machines & tried to configure each one identically, to allow for quick substitutions if anything ever goes awry. I have Flexi on a W7 platform, and wanted to load Omega there too, for reasons mentioned above. I think I learned Omega 3.0 was not W7 compatible & my desire to get everything identical was not strong enough yet to justify that upgrade expense. I did assume I would want to make the leap eventually though & will be very interested how this issue pans out for you.


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Thanks for checking and replying back. I have a new lead and promising news from a guy who is supposed to call me and help me out. He has successfully loaded Omega and Flexi on one operating system... one computer... I hope he calls soon and I can get this resolved and back to work. If I can explain the technical steps to doing this, I certainly will and post this to anyone else who may have encountered the same scenario I have! Thanks again Doug for taking the time this morning to explain a few things, I appreciate it!


Fred Weiss

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I don't think it will help you much but I can tell you that I have Omega 3.0 and Flexi 8.6.2 running on the same workstation with no problem. It use XP Pro for the OS. Have you tried downloading the latest driver for your dongles?

Tony Teveris

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The Omega software is only tied to a particular version of the SafeNet driver because of a feature(s) we wish to implement. I have the latest version (7.5.1) on my system (Windows 7 64 bit) and can execute any Omega 2.5, 2.6, 3.0, 4.0 and "whats next" with no problems. The SafeNet versions are a bit to get use to as they have a version for their Installer (7.6) and a version for the driver itself - this confuses the hell out of everyone when you ask what version you have.

As for Flexi I do not know what version they require or if they are actually "tied" to a particular version - thats for them to tell us. I use to have a contact but they no longer are employed at SAi.


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Hey guys, I emailed our tech support team about this, and they had already helped Kurt by the time I got to them! Here are the steps our support team took:

1. Install the 7.6.3 Sentinel key driver
2. Insert the Flexi key
3. Start up Flexi
4. Insert Gerber key
5. Start up Omega 4, and all is good.

I've been told that this has worked several times, so it should be a pretty solid method!