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Foam Monument - Recent Install

rob nichols

New Member
Installed this 9' H x 15' W custom foam sign this week. We designed the sign and had it manufactured by one of our vendors. Poured a pad with sonotube inserts a few weeks ago when the weather was a bit better. Installed with PVC sleeves inside to accept 3.5" steel tubing. The client was quite pleased with the final product.


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rob nichols

New Member
how much was done by peachtree? nice looking sign.
They fabricated the sign from the drawings that I provided, in two sections - the gray base is a separate piece. They placed PVC sleeves inside the sign at the locations specified. We poured the pad with 12" sonotube inserts, we set the sign with 4 steel poles inside, and concrete in the 36" sonotubes. The poles extend up into the sign - two longer toward the middle, and two shorter poles closer to the ends.