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font help please


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guys wthefont has let me down the font program what is this font please at first thought Algerian but it didn't fit. I'm thinking I'm gonna send to vector doc for vectorizing.


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Got a better pic of it,,looks to broke up and blurry,what ever it is its ,its got a heavy distort on it.......


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he doesnt have the fonts either & didn't say what they were so I guess he'll vector them as graphic as well I'd like to find the font as the customer might have more work & they need to match thanks for the help!

Fred Weiss

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Vdoc said:
Fred, I need that font program - is it PC only, I use a Mac?

FontExpert is cross-platform. TypoGraf is PC only.

I made the ID from memory and visual comparison/verification using TypoGraf. Neither would have been suitable for FontExpert which only is useful with undistorted type on a horizontal baseline.