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Font Help!


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im lookin for the font crillee in bold or extra bold.. if anyone knows of this font free id be greatful to ya..ty

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Ty, Crillee and sometimes its variations are bundled with various clipart packages as well as some programs such as various Corel programs. Some fonts are available for free under other names that are close to the original name (ex. Cruiser) at some free sites previously mentioned, as well as in other software bundles. You'll need to search not by name but rather by style or by eye. In most cases, purchasing the font from a pay site is the best way to go, as you'll usually get its variations as part of the package and you'll have the real deal, not a knock-off, as well as saving all the time searching, and the creator of the font will get his hard earned fair share as a royalty. If you can, pass along the cost of the font to the customer as part of the project, Now you'll have it for their future projects etc.:wink: get the good stuff!


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This might be a silly suggestion, but if you already have 'Crille'.... why don't you just put an outline around it, delete the original line and..... I think you'll have what you want with NO out-a-pocket money.:help: