Font Help...............


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I thought I knew this and everything I tried is different in some way. If we were just reproducing the logo, I'd vectorize it.... but he wants some copy added to his sign and he'd like the same style. I don't need the 'Importing' part, just the name.

I'm starting to feel it's hand painted and been copied time and time again. However, this time, we're making a few large signs for him and a copied version won't do for the copy.
Any help would be appreciated.


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I've got nothing either, but have a question. Is there a chance the "S" is upside down? Maybe it is one of the fonts you thought it was, but with a flipped "S"


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I come up empty as well Gino. I thought I might find a close match or combination of fonts that could be combined and tweaked but nothing worked that would not require considerable work.....more than what would be required to simply re-create the original.