Font ID, classic Tractor fans out there?


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Ok, here goes. I can vector these, but I'm looking around quick-like to see if this is replicated. The one sample my customer could find was print-on-3M reflective, but they're not available and he's restoring an old CASE tractor. Any idears?

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(modify the A and stretch it)
or Princeton if you stamp on it.
My son is a certified tractor expert and he says the Case decals are still out there, but you'd have to buy old stock.
And if you find out where to get them, he wants to know.
Even tho Mom could make them.

Yeah, according to the guy who brought the ONE in... he seriously treated it like gold, had it sealed and looked nervous when I touched it... said he had been all over the place looking for the nos ones. He seemed convinced that there are no more but if I find them I'll be sure to let you know.

Since it's just C A S and E, I think I'll just vector it real carefully. Thanks!!


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I have this one. It is called Pornstar Academy. I had to stretch it about double, but it looks real close. I just typed in the name into Google and it came up as the first link.