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Font Id please


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Ok, it's not Cooper Black Italic, but what is it?

Thanks in advance to you sharp eyed members.


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Don't cha just love it when the client comes in and tells you that his logo's been created by a design/artist and "it's right here on this disk"? When you open it, it's a low rez .jpg.

In this case the client was completely fooled. The artist is no where to be found. He doesn't even remember the name of the guy. Was told this was all he'd ever need. So I guess it's up to me and ol' Auto Trace or free hand digitizing the letters.

The logo's not even that good.

Thanks, guys.


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It's a Mike Stevens font....
Tahoe to be exact.
I have seen someone slant it backward to un-italicize it...yuck!


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Jill, Shovel, you guys are great. Gotta buy the font now, or a work-around.

If it's a Mike Steven's font, then that means it was probably a signmaker who created this thing. Hmmmmmm.....


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Ummm...watch it there...I'm a sign maker.
And the bastardized version of Mike Steven's Tahoe was on a dump truck I had to replicate.
The vynull jockey who cut it was clueless as to kerning, and after he back-slanted it, he cut it...with the serifs overlapping and cut through, if you know what I mean.
I liken this alphabet to Cooper Black...it is a joy to paint.