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Font Identification Assistance


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I am digging through my font collection looking for a match. I have found different fonts that come close, but none seem to have a match for the letter 'R' . Any ideas come to mind? I thought I saw this in my Corel collection (Compacta bold or something like that), I'll keep looking, perhaps I missed it.


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"Triumvirate" (casMate), "Swiss", "Nimbus"....all are based on Helvetica..... basically the same any way you look at it. Okay, the purists among us will now enter in and deftly spank me for saying that....rightfully so.....I do appologize. :tongue: However, these are VERY similar. Although, I still believe Helvetica to be the most beautiful. Of course, it's the model of perfection. God bless Max Miedinger. :D

The line below the arch has just been sqeezed a bit. It's not uncommon to have to match these kinds of things that have been condensed or altered in many other ways. You just have to get close. But, you already knew that. :wink: