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CV Signs

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My name is Brandon. I'm 17. I own CV Signs. I work out of my garage =/ but that doesn't stop me from taking on anything and everything. Five years experience. Chatsworth, California.


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Welcome from PA

You'll soon be ready to retire.................. hey, what's that ??????

Craig Sjoquist

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Welcome to a outstanding forum n ppl ...glad ya started early best time, stay with it you be way ahead while others will be starting

13 folds


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Welcome to the group Brandon.

I like the attitude..."not afraid to take on anything and everything". :thumb:

How about showing us a completed project, that your most proud of?


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Welcome Aboard! Go get'em Brandon. I started my apprenticeship at 11, started my first business at 16 and still swingin brushes, slingin paint and strip'n vinyl.