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free help needed

Lettrage Octane

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need youre free help need tu cut this


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Do you have the files ?? Going across the border, might not be worth it for you. Ya ought to look for someone up there.


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Are you giving away the final product for free? Why would you expect free help from other pros?
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Quick search reveals that the hobby cutter that uses WPC can also use SVG. You can convert SVG for free by using Inkscape. You can download vector Mopar files on Google and edit them in Inkscape. All free! Also, search around for a hobby forum to join. This site is for professional sign-makers and graphic designers.

Modern Ink Signs

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My free help....

Buy a computer, sign making software of choice, cutter and vinyl. Learn how to use software and cutter, cut your your graphics and you can give them away until your heart is content or you run out of money. (I’ll guess it will be the 2nd before the 1st)

Oh ya, also need to purchase transfer tape, squeegees, xacto knives, production tables and so much more!


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I really want to make some awesome 3D models for a video game, in a specific format.My problem is that I don't want to spend any money on the software to create them, or invest the time to learn how to use said software (in case someone were to give it to me for free). Anyone know of a free professional forum for that type of thing where I can go ask the pros to make this for me for free? I'll also need someone to develop said video game for me...for free of course.

Also, this whole paying my own mortgage thing is really getting old... anyone want to do that for me, for free?