New Guy Fresh Start in South Carolina!

Tommy Viv

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hey all what’s up!

‘new’ active member here

moved my print shiz from NJ to SC from my parents basement to shop.

never bother with these introductions on forums but everyone seems so helpful here n i don’t know ANYONE in this industry; probably because i’m a bit of an outsider i guess..

i pretty much print for fun/small time business due to time restrictions i have to spend from being a “full” service print shop..although in Nj i seem to have gained quite a bit of traction.

i run a small brand that encompasses a bit of everything from motorcycle accessories to lifestyle apparel with some stickers and designs thrown into the mix.

i’m not very great at keeping up on social media, but my website ‘WTF’ page basically says it all…

other than print, i am a pretty spread thin mfer..most days i split up with fixing, restoring, or rebuilding shi …from construction equipment to classic car projects, could be grading a football field by day, riding my hog to/from the parts store, to building another arduino project by night.. i try to learn something new every day while meeting some pretty rad people along the way.. i appreciate and admire the community built around printing and have a new found appreciation for forums such as this one.

anyway, hope y’all have a good night, n if anyones in the area passing through south carolina/heading to myrtle beach, hmu n swing by!

-Tommy Viv
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:welcome: from sunny northern Wisconsin. You sound like me. I weld for hire, do handyman work, teach at a local college etc... I often thought I should have named my business "Anything for a Buck Enterprises" :D

I don't ride Harley's though. Ducatis are in my garage but like them all.