Frustrating (Non Serious) Local Competition


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There are a couple of local shops that offer things that they farm out to us(dig prints) etc. One of them says the have a printer but it's always on the fritz. I think it's an imaginary printer. Or, they come by to buy 3 feet of hunter green vinyl or maybe a couple of pieces of coro.

We are a serious sign shop (I have the debt to prove it).
These people are irratating to say the least.

They seem to believe that thier stuff is so important to the point that they get ticked off if I don't drop everything to do it. I've told all of them that my priority is my business.

Usually, I'm a nice, laid back guy. But, these guys are turning me into a jerk.

I think I'll start charging them full price for everything.
I never once claimed to do wholesale.

Any similar situations and how do you deal with them?

mark in tx

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They are customers, so they get in line with the others.
Rush job? Rush fee.
Same as everyone else.

If you are officially treating them as wholesale customers, then you have to decide the priority and set a time period for their order. Overnight would be a suggestion.
As far as selling them materials, that is up to you.

Don't let them turn you into a jerk, just define the relationship and set your terms.


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Just make sure you charge them enough to justify and make it worthwhile. I have several customers that get a PITA charge on every project just because that is what they are...


Pat Whatley

If they want it in a hurry then they can pay the same price as a retail customer.

I've got one reseller who pays MORE than retail just because of the PITA factor.


Why help the comp? Specialy since they are PITA? I ran a guy off that was doing this to me.


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Same as Mosh here.

Had a girl buying just vinyl from us to do banners and one color cheapo truck doors. She worked in a t-shirt shop up the street and used their plotter to cut the stuff. After we found out what was going on, we told her no more.

She would send her "customers" to our place to buy the vinyl. I was charging them the same price for the vinyl as if I did the banner or vehicle. They haven't been back.

Jack Knight1979

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I have a PITA client who is reseller. Probably does 2k a year if that. He expects me to drop everything and get his stuff out the door same day.

He also expects me to beat certain pricing. This pricing is based on a week turn around.

I till him for that price he gets the same service. If he wants same day, he pays full price.

He pays it every time.


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I'll tell people I pay top dollar to warehouse my complete inventory so i can turn around any job quicker, with the correct material, compared to the fly-by-night garage hacks.. and if they want to compete with me, don't expect to do it by getting me to help them cut corners... they can plunk down the kinda coin i did to have what i have & be where i am... of they can wish