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Funeral Home Font

Fred Weiss

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See If Any of These

suit your fancy .....:biggrin:

Names supplied on request.


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Wow! what a selection. Thanks! I like the second one, the third one, and the last one. Could you please send them to my email: aggressivegraphix@yahoo.com

Also a quick question...the customer wants it done in chome vinyl...I think that kills the whole readable theory. Its going on a black caddilac escalade. I think silver or white would look best.

Thank You for taking the time to look

Fred Weiss

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The fonts you like are named

Coronet (also known as Ribbon)
Kuenstler Script Black
Shelley Andante

They are all commercial fonts available online. I wasn't offering to supply them to you. Suggest you look at fonts.com and myfonts.com for good selection and reasonable prices.

If you're looking for a good core collection, Corel Gallery has about 1000 fonts included with it that are all first quality. It sells for under $100 and also includes a huge clipart collection in Corel CMX format. The fonts alone are worth the cost of the product.

Dccas is correct about the chrome metalized polyester films. They will hold up typically one to two years outdoors but they show every scratch and look pretty bad in a fairly short time. 3M now offers a Deluxe Silver film which is more suited to the purpose ..... rated at 3 years exterior. It is a true vinyl film and therefore much more conformable. It is also much higher in price than most films and still will scratch very easily.
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Chrome isn't even guaranteed for a year...it lifts and curls...and VERY tacky...LOL

I did put "It's My Style" on a truck in a script for a guy here who was insisting, and it has stayed on for a couple of years...still looks pretty good, however, our "Silver Vault" sign started peeling within a year or two.



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I agree very tacky...Im gunna tell him if he wants it to last...he should pick a different color.
Thanks fred for those names I will look them up today.


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Excellent point about Corel. I have had versions 3, 4,7,9 and now 11 and the fonts from ver. 3 have been worth more to me than all the costs associated with the upgrades. Listen to Fred (and me) and get a cheap copy of an outdated copy of Corel if you want some GREAT BASIC TRIED AND TRUE INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED quality fonts legally. BITSTREAM, ITC, LETRASET and more.

Humanist in Corel is Gill Sans and Frutiger and you will save a bunch of money over another source if you ever wanted to buy just these two typefaces.

My personal experience is that Corel TTF fonts look great as vector cut letters using Signlab and Vinyl Master Pro to name just two sign software programs.



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Thats great! I have an old copy of corel. I just never used it because I like like illustrator better because I was familliar with adobe photoshop before I decided to buy a plotter. I have vinyl master pro too! so that works out great. Only one question is it easy to copy the fonts from corel and install them into VMP?

Thanks for the input!



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your fonts get copyed in to the C:\WINDOW\FONTS directory. once they are there, any program that you have on your computer that runs in a "windows" invironment will be able to use the fonts. take your corel cd and look at it thru explorer. find the font directory. now go to control panel, fonts, install new fonts find that dir on the corel cd and copy the font to c:\windows\fonts. it that easy.


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corel 6 has a great manual with a sample listing of hundreds of fonts.

And you can get several font utils on the net for free that will alow you to make a catalog of your fonts.

Fontlister is a great one. It will make a line sample of every font on yer machine into a book you can look thru.

You dotn have to be a font master. Just get some tools many of which are free or almost free.