GA 6.2 TT Font Converter


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Hi Folks, it's me the old bag still using GA 6.2 on Win98 with a 4E.
For some reason, I am having a hard time loading fonts into Win98.
I have a partitioned Dell which was quite the thing in 1998.
However, I guess I now have too many fonts to install anything new into the system. (I think I have about 500) I did delete some of the butt-ugly ones like Comic Sans.
I made a new font folder in a different drive on the computer, and installed the 7 new fonts into it, no problemo.
But my Font converter is defaulted to the original Windows font folder.
Is there any way I can change this?
Or is it because my new fonts are TOO new for the old computer? They installed perfectly on my other computer. Worst case scenario, I will convert to curves in Corel 9 on my Internet computer(takes up too much space on the production computer) and import into GA.
Fonts are the new Edoras package.

Fred Weiss

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I would find a way to have less fonts installed and utilize a font manager (much discussed in other threads) to be able to quickly install or uninstall fonts. Shoot for 350 to 400 which will give you some breathing room to stay well under 500 fonts on a Win98 OS.


Jill did corel 9 come with Bitstream navigator? If so I would look into utilizing it. Do a search for the window fonts for programs then move the rest to a font folder and you can load and unload the fonts as needed easily with Bitstream.


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I dunno, Brian.
I have Corel on one computer and GA on the other.
I tried installing Corel on the old gal, but it slowed things wayyyyy down.
Now I just transfer with a floppy.
The Corel computer is only about 2 years newer! But hey it was free.
I think maybe even the CD that the fonts came on is too new. It shows up in Windows Explorer on my Corel computer but not on my production computer.
I will eventually have to knuckle under and get some new equipment, but I have other more pressing things on the menu just now!
(mandatory public sewage tap-in fee of $6K)

Tony Teveris

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The GA / Omega TTF Converter only emunerates TTF fonts through the Windows system. So if there in the Windows fonts folder they should be seen. You may have a problem dealing with "Open Type Font" with the GA version. I agree with Fred, 500 is way too many fonts for the system to handle, when you do this you are gobbling up lots of system resources (memory). And I'm sure Windows only looks in the one folder, you can not assign multiple folders to search.


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Thanks Tony. That's what I needed to know!
I will be off to delete a few dozen fonts.
Thanks again.