GCC Jaguar III 61 - Troubles configuring it with my pc


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Hi all,
I'm Mafarka from Italy and this is my first post.

Last week i've bought a GCC Jaguar III 61 cutting plotter.

I've Windows Xp Professional.

The trouble is that after i install the usb drivers, connect the usb cable to the pc, and install the others drivers the plotter doesn't appears in the Printer's List.

If i click on "Add new printer" and i choose the port "GCCUSB0:" when appears the list of the printers, under GCC section, the Jaguar III 61 doesn't appears.

If i click "Safe remotion of the hardware" (i'm not sure if it's the exact translation..i use the italian version, however i mean the gray icon with green arrow on the right-bottom, near the clock)..there's in the list GCC JaguarIII USB..but it doesn't appear as a printer or better it doesn't appear and stop!:Big Laugh

I hope you can help me before i become mad:tongue:

Thank you all! ^_^


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install it as a printer? I really dotn know anything else. about it. Call your suplier... he should know..


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sorry my english sux..

i want simply install my cutting plotter to cut files created in adobe illustrator cs 2!!!



mafarka said:
i want simply install my cutting plotter to cut files created in adobe illustrator cs 2!!!

You can do this, sort of. You need either a separate chunk of code to run between Illustrator and the plotter OR configure the plotter as a vanilla HPGL plotter like HP->Hewlett-Packard HPGL/2 Plotter or something similar. Assuming that Illustrator supports HPGL output, which would be surprising of it didn't.

The best way by far is to get the proper code. There are a number of packages available. I'm not an Illustrator hand or fan and cannot make any specific reccomendations. Using a package intended for this purpose you will configure the plotter within that package, not as a printer under Windows.

Configuring the plotter as a generic HPGL machine doesn't give you sufficient control over things to do serious work. It's rather a situation where the plotter will work in spite of your setup rather than because of it.


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Hi bob, thank you for your answer.

The problem is that i use Illustrator to create my illustrations, but i'm quite sure that Illustrator doesn't support HPGL commands. I saw GCC plotters works under CorelDraw...so i imagine this one supports HPGL commands.

However, in the package there were an original cd with USB drivers (it creates a communication port called "GCCUSB0:") and Win XP drivers (it "creates" the hardware connected to the USBGCC0: port). I've installed the usb drivers, plugged the usb cable and installed the Win XP drivers for the GCC. Until here everything ok: the problem is that when i print the files .ai (opened in CorelDraw) doesn't happen nothing!


Thank you all. :)


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Little update:

i believe that i've installed usb drivers and plotter drivers well. I've tried to print with CorelDraw or with JoyCut..but nothing, the file seems to be sent to the plotter but doesn't reach the plotter!! :\

Thank you for your suggestions,


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In Corel, make sure your object is set to hairline for cutting. Just a thought, but you may already know this.


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thank you ahollow, but the GCC Jaguar III plotters doesn't work with the hairline mode! This in CorelDraw 12

yes..all the path should be converted in 0.001 mm :\

i don't know but the plotter doesn't work with CorelDraw 12 (tomorrow i'll do better testes), for now i'm constricted to create a .ai file with the same sizes of the work area of the media, open this .ai into CorelDraw 12 and export it in .plt , then open JoyCut, set the work area as the size of work area on the plotter and send to the plotter. This is extremly boring! And the worst thing is that the paths created along "X axis" are printed on "Y axis".

I'm totally confused!!!! :( :help:


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Marfaka you have the cutter in landscape mode instead of portrait or viceversa rotated 90 degrees from where it should be
When using Corel, MAKE SURE that there is no fill (color) - just the outline. As for the driver, you need to check the comunication to the port. FORGET about a complete cut file, just an X axis and a Y axis, about 75mm each (I assume that you are working in metric).

By doing this you will see if the port is talking to the plotter.

Also, being unfamiliar with the GCC, it may be best to delete and disconnect plotter, load drivers, THEN connect plotter. Sometimes Windows will substitute the wrong driver IF you connect before installing the proper driver.


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Hi Cadmn, hi Pro Signs & Graphix

i've made my last testes and i've understood.

Thank you really, i was confusing the x & y axis where the cutting head work from the x & y axis how the cutting head work!

Now i'm trying to make a little tutorial and i'll upload on the forum..so next newbies will find a new source installing/testing they're new Jaguar III plotter!