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Gerber Edge FX software and printing

Angela Hornback

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Omega is the most confusing software I have ever met. I use Corel 2018, Illustrator, Autocad, solidworks, fusion 360, mach 2 and LOTS of others. but this software is horrible. So I am trying to insert my EPS files into GSP Plot. and still can not get this thing to print correctly. (Gerber Edge FX about 5 years old.) I do this for a day job for a large truck company to make safety placards ect. any help would be appreciated. If there is an easier way!
I just want to send my art to the machine to spot color! is there an easy way to do this?


Active Member
You have to import the eps file into Omega and then assign the spot colors individually.
And check the files to make sure there aren't extra paths. When importing into Omega there will sometimes be doubles, especially with centers of letters.


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What billct2 said, but also make sure that you have the cuts/prints set correctly. It sucks to send something to print and then realize you forgot to set a cut.