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I'll probably get beat down for this but here goes... With all the talk about copyrights lately I have to ask.. Two of my buddies and i are into old Honda ATC70's as hobbyists we build them,collect them, supe them up, and part them out on ebay. These are the little tiny 3 wheelers Honda made back in the 70's and 80's for kids until the federal government put a stop to that..We don't sell them to kids but mainly big kids like us.. We have one with a 192cc monster of an engine.. So consiquently with the downturn in the economy we have had a lot more time to play with our toys... Toy's yes, but money makers also...just the other day we sold one at the tune of $5,000 to a fellow in Oregon who also ordered two more.. And have a couple folks in Abu Dhabai wanting us to ship two that way... These are big with folks my age (30yrs- 50yrs) maybe because we tend to go back in time as we get older... just keep in mind the next generation at the car shows spinning the 50's oldies music :)

Last year I purchased a Gerber Edge2 since nobody was striping cars I had time on my hands in the winter... one of the things i did was replicate all the decals for these little bikes be build from the 73 model up to the last in supply our builds, and as luck would have if people started asking for these also.. Honda has not made these decals for decades... Before i got my Edge we were buying decal kits from numerous vendors out there.. Google honda reproduction decals and you can pull up hundred or more .. Now I'm not saying that makes it right... But i have spent days searching contact information for Honda to find out if one can get consent or permission to replicate these if possible .

So I have replicated these vintage designs and have a well respected following for doing so in the ATC70 community.. But again the last thing I need is Honda beating at my door.. So here's the big question before I get beat down.. How and who do I contact to try and get permission?... I have an old school mate that works for Honda distrubution in Torrance Ca. I have emailed her as a last ditch attempt to get directed to the proper channel....It's obvious the others out there must either big criminals or filling a void that needs to be filled.. as for me I only care about the ATC70 line of decals.. So give me a minute to get my body armor on before the beating..

and then you have me.. so instead of a beating enlighten me on how to do it.. thanks
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I'm not going to be of any help here, but I checked out your site...

Three wheelers can be dangerous! If you get scared let me know! Call me! I will buy it from you!.. All rights reserved


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I searched out an old thread of mine because the recent events around here had me wanting to post the link somewhere... but now that I found it, there is another story it tells much more.. it tells why it is so great that Fred makes us upload our images to his server...

This link is not much use at the moment, because all the images are missing... but the story still pertains to this topic (though it won't help peewee find the right person at Honda) ...anyway, I'll post the link & maybe i can re-post the images, as most of them are still on my web server, but the path changed when Joe built me the new site last year.
After many, many months (4 to be exact) of trying to find out how to get in touch with the proper people at Honda I found out I had a grade school friend who now was a high ranking Honda Parts Manager ....Soooo, after 38 yrs of not talking to her I shot her an email. She in turn found the proper channels for the Trademark licensing divison, and Had them send me an email and application for licensing. The woman on the other end must know I'm a small time fish in a huge sea.. she explained the application was more geared to large corperations but would try to fit me in if she can.. and told me to fill it out as completely as possible in regards to my situation... they have many levels of licensing.... One thing she did say was " My chances are much better since I did come to them" ...So today I mail off my samples and things they asked for to get their approval for licensing.. I included an email stating how many I sell and have sold a month (up to 15 sets per month) and how big my 300 sq ft studio operation was. And what my intentions are.. so wish me luck and maybe, just maybe... things will work out so I can continue to provide these for the ones who want them...And do it so I can sleep at night... in the mean time here are 2 Yellow bikes we built for a guy 600 hundred of miles away... little bikes big motors..:rock-n-roll:


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Good luck and BRAVO for going about it in a professional manner. :U Rock:

Doesn't it make you feel good that you didn't stoop to the low level of what most people do and give up and say it was too much trouble and then do it anyway.... illegally ??