Go ahead, tear it apart.


Logo for a Butcher Shop/Liquor store. Odd combination.


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I like it...but the name is confusing. Is it a butcher or a liquor store?

Edit: nvm...I just read your full post.


It is quite confusing, the owners have been struggling with the name for some time. It was originally a butcher shop (Dakota Butcher) then they expanded to a liquor store.


Looks Great for the Butcher shop.

needs help to get the Liquor:bushmill: Store message across.
the wording needs changing somehow..


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Hard to read and the ersatz chrome plated bovine isn't doing much for it. I kind of like the cow, I'm not all that fond of the treatment in its white areas. Also, its eye makes it look like it might be the cow from hell.

All that and then consider...

Getting rid of all of the gradients, all of them, they contribute little if anything.

Choosing different type faces for 'Dakota' and 'Wine & Spirits'. The latter reads as a mis-spelled 'Wine U Spurious' at first glance. Even if it read properly this is not a particularly pleasant face. Unless third rate graffiti is what you're trying for.

Move 'Dakota' off the top of 'Butcher'. It looks like three suits in a two suit bag the way it is.

I assume that's some sort of wood grain you're trying for. If it is make it coarser so that it's clear what it is. Right now it looks like the output of a printer in the process of running out of ink. If it's not supposed to be wood grain, do something else.

If you must have a drop shadow, try it just on the copy on the shield and not on the white surround. If it should lapse over on the white surround, erase it there so that it appears that the copy is stood off the shield and not the entire thing stood off from the rest of the universe. For there to be a believable shadow there must exist something upon which to cast that shadow.

Since you asked...try it again.
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I like it!

Or make the bull urinating into a bottle?

LOL I had to! ;-p

Honestly, I like the sign the way it is. But I am easy.


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I really dislike the gradients for one.
The ring needs to be gold.
Not in love with the Dakota font either.
What about adding another panel underneath that said WINE • SPIRITS
Then you could put an ampersand after BUTCHER
When shading a script I have always been taught to go down and to the right, it may help it a bit. But I'd consider using a nicer script.


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Also, its eye makes it look like it might be the cow from hell.

agree with that. the bull looks the the layouts looks more sports related than a place to go some meat and booze. the best they can do with a combo like that is to make them separate and not try to combine them. make the butcher part clearly a butcher shop and then add the spirits part as a separate look of it's own as if there were two tenants sharing the same space. any attempt to combine the two just will look odd.


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I think a big confusion point is that having "Dakota Butcher" in two different fonts makes it look like "Dakota" is the name and "Butcher" is strictly what they do.

I would lay out "DAKOTA BUTCHER" on one line using the current font for "butcher"
Then below that, enlarge "& Wine & Spirits" so it's more prominent.

Or talk them into changing the name to "The Drunken Butcher" ;)