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Good day All



Just saying hi and I will be lurking around reading your posts, but not enough experience to post helpfull tips yet.

On a learning phase. I own a homebased Company, but its been 6 months and not one customer yet. Luck for me I have a fulltime job.

I own a D60 and using winplot. LOL still looking for a userfriendly all in one cutting software.

BTW I never have or never will make copywrited decals. I ow Mega 1, Mega 2 and can't wait to get Mega 3 and a few customers to pay for all my expenses.

All i have is business cards and a website thats under construction for the time being.



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Well, you have opened the door...
Takes some courage...
Welcome from Beautiful BC!
Don't be a low-baller, it's hard to resist, at first. Pay yourself.
Consider not only your equipment costs+ materials...but also your time on the learning curve, insurance(for a real company), and your status in the community.
I'm just a couple of steps up from you ( 3 years). My best promo is word of mouth advertising. Do not take out a yellow page yet. Think about it first.
If you see a bad sign..it's probably that they did not want to pay for a good sign..but- you can approach them ..get a deposit.
Develop a portfolio of photographs in a nice binder to show to your prospective clients. Have some sample substrate ( plywood, plastics et,) materials on hand to show to your clients.
Later, you can quote on the spot. Let them know you will reply with a FIRM quote in a day or two. ( If you tell them $ 300. and you made a mistake...it should be $400___EAT IT!) AND really try to supply the signage ON-TIME.
I have no experience with a D60.
What works for me is a combo of Corel/Photoshop/ whatever software comes with your equipment/.Illustrator/PDF and more.
It is HUGE to try to learn this all at the same time..Really, it takes years...
Patience, commitment, dedication..I am still wrestling with that..
And you also need to be a fan of the BC Lions for Sunday's Grey Cup!
Good luck Alouette!
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:Welcome: from PA.

You're going in the right direction. Make some samples and take them around to potential customers that look like they might need your services. Don't be afraid and don't pre-judge people... you never know who might just be ready for a change themselves.

Good Luck...

The Big Squeegee

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Welcome from Oklahoma!

I used to live about 65 miles to the Sud of you(Plattsburgh, NY). Don't know much French and it got a little confusing for me passing through there in the late 70's. Hope it is better now.

Good luck with the sign business. When I first started out, I sent out a letter of introduction to all the businesses in town. That may be a tall order for the size of city you have but if you eliminate franchises from the list it will save you a lot of money. Franchises tend to supply their own sign and art work so save yourself a lot of time and effort and don't go there.

You can purchase some ready made stuff like t-shirts and pre-printed license plates to sell on weekends to help get you introduced to the general public. I made up some Key-chain sized business cards with a funny graphic on one side as well.
:Welcome: To :signs101:​


Thank you all for your great welcoming.

I am leaning towards Flexisign as I have just bought 2 training Cd's and would like to get the interbediate verson at about $1k but for now, I am still looking at other MUCH less expensive programs. All I have to do is design and cut, not printing. There has to be a all in one package uinder $500 for designing/cutting that is not a Bridge program.

My avatar is the front side of my business card. LOL

SO, I have landed one contract this week and its a good one for me as I am into RC's. These are Official Car Stickers for RACING TEAM in Quebec, Ontario, Florida, Australia, United Kingdom. I will get orders of 25 sheets (8"x 8") at a time. They are 2 colors, orange font, blue outline/shadow. Small but good. $4.00 a sheet but I will be the official sponsor so it's worth it for me.

There has to be a all in one package uinder $500 for designing/cutting that is not a Bridge program.

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