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Gradient Help!


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Hi Folks,
Why does my black to white gradient look green. I wouls assume that it would go from black, to dark grey, to grey, to light grey, to white. But it looks like it has a green tinge to it. Very frustrating as I am blowing through an entire roll of material for a gradient effect graphic for a truck.
Printing with Ecosol Max inks on GCVP and laminating.
Mike B


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Mike, I print with a Mutoh, Ecosol Ultra inks ( I believe they are the same). When I do a gradient I make it in Corel. Draw a shape and fill with the gradient then convert it to a bitmap. I would use grayscale 8-bit 300dpi. As a bitmap I then powerclip to the object. It locks the gradient and prints the way it should. If the file is just grayscale I can choose K only from my rip. I do this with all fountain fills. They always print brighter and have a smooth transition. I hope this helps.
Good luck
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Black ink has a tendency to do this (the green tinge). The reason is usually due to the saturation level (loading) of the black. It varies from machine to machine, including ink batches. It is extremely annoying and noticeable with BW prints.

Jackpine's suggestion could be one solution, but the easiest is to try and drop some of the K saturation AND save that as a separate profile (if you can)

Hope this helps.


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I would try creating the gradient in a couple different programs and compare them. Flexi does a crappy job on some colors, and I've fixed the problem by using photoshop to apply the gradient.