great advertising


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This is my competitor's new business, as he wasn't able to "make-a-go" of things in the sign business. I see he's still using the same advertising campaign. I wonder how his new business will do?


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its so cheap its almost free....


i need a stump ground, i wonder if he'll give me a good price to drive to niagara falls.....


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nothing says fun like haggling with a customer over price when your tagline is "so cheap its almost free". talk about a dipsh*t. wow.

Craig Sjoquist

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Let me see .... sign shops they make alot of money, u.nder bid and I'll get all the work.... oh that tree trimming co charged alot, thats what I'll do .. got a cool tag line too.

Jon Aston

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What kills me about guys like this is that they really do think they are smarter than the rest of us.

"Hey, it worked for Wal*Mart!"


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Hey ya'll watch this… he must be a blast at family get togethers! Oh, I hope he's not a member her LOL!