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Hello All,
I am a new member and new at this printing game! I have been an electrician for most of my working life and have decided it is time for a new challenge. I have bought myself an eighteen month old Roland SP300v and am starting with simple stuff like printing canvas and posters to begin with as I need to learn to walk before I can run! I have found this forum to be very useful when I have looked at it as a guest and so decided to join and hope that people will take pity on a total novice with lots of enthusiasm. I have been experiencing problems with cutting canvas on my printer. It keeps jamming and I have changed the blade and yet it still happens (although not every time - seems to be when it feels like it) and when I spoke to the company I purchased it from the rep said "maybe it just can't cut canvas"? As I have said as a novice someone could tell me that the machine cuts using invisible scissors and I would believe them! Could someone tell me if this is correct or if I am being fobbed off? Any suggestions gratefully received.

Thanks all


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Welcome from PA.............................

.......and NO, he's telling the truth.


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Hello all. I'm currently an owner of a Computer Service where i do T-shirts, banners and other programs on the side. I just bought the Graphtec CE 1000-60 with Flexi8 starter. I can not get it to print when i want it to. It say cutting but never does. If i use inkscape it cuts but will not do curve letters. Do i need to upgrade to a better software and i'm running windows 7.


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hi from Ontario,
nope Canvas is too could try it with a fresh blade, but there are some things you just advance and cut with a hand aren't trying something like contour cutting?
hi i'm in the deli business (we make a mean potato salad and our own pastrami) and decided to make signs for a change of pace...deli business wasn't spicy enough. can you help me out? oh heck i won't beat around the bush will you just teach me how you all do what you do?

and NO you can't cut canvas...even i know that