Green smoking...


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I must say that when someone comes into my studio..I will refrain from smoking not.
There is a clear warning on the door that the proprietor may or may NOT be smoking anything green(or not green).
I think that is FAIR WARNING...
What is your policy???


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I smoke outside, unless were are closed... my dad who does not smoke has never noticed a lingering smell in the morning..

Fred Weiss

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We never smoke in the presence of a customer but smoking is permitted. Otherwise we'd never get any work done.

Smoking may be a nasty habit and bothersome to some, but it is still a legal activity carried on by more than 20% of the adult population. My experience is that about an equal number of people find it objectionable and that the majority are not bothered by it.


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No tobacco for me. I self medicate. Most people never know and I limit the amount so that I am able to function 100% under any given circumstance. People who don't know and find out are usually surprised since I seem to hold a pretty tight ship and don't appear as a typical user. I'm not. It's medication for me. Say what you will, out of all the pills the doctors gave me as a kid and through my 20's.... this is what works for me.


Smoking green at work is a really bad idea with all the rush jobs I have thrown at me. G0t to save that nonsense for after hours.