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Greetings to All from Lisa at Arlon


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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

My name is Lisa Marshall & I represent western states in the US for the Calon, Digital media and SignTech products manufactured by Arlon.

I am pleased to become a member of this forum & hope to meet many members- I invite you to ask questions about my products & will answer you as quickly as possible, with the hope of providing useful, profitable information to you.

It was recommended to me by Doug Allan of Island Signs on Maui that I become a member for that I owe a thank you to Doug! I had visited the site in the past & now look forward to sharing information with all members of the site.



Lisa Marshall


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Welcome... From Sacramento, CA

Thanks for joining. I look forward to your input.



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Welcome Lisa from Amarillo, TX! Its good to have people such as yourself around to give accurate answers to question a lot of memebers will have.


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Hi Lisa, we will email you on the sample roll offer, thanks. We are so buzy triing to finish things before T.G. that we have not really had a break.

Welcome & Glad you are on the site!!


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Welcome Lisa to the most educational sign related site on Planet Earth. Please share your knowledge with us.

Pickleman in VA


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Hi Lisa,
We use Arlon exclusively and love the stuff. We almost never have a problem and it weeds beautifully.

I have a question about some spotting we have on some of the Cast Vinyl. By "spotting", I mean there are spots of areas where there is no glossiness. We have a roll of #08 Brown that has a problem right now and the spots are always near the ends of the rolls. We just got this roll less than a month ago. Do you know what causes this to happen and if there's a solution? Thank you.

Dave Drane

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:Australia Welcome from down-under Lisa. Along with 3M all my vinyl is Calon 2100/2200/2270 series. Never suffered a problem yet. I have even met Chuck from California when he was in Australia.


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Hi lisa
Welcome from another aussie, Im pretty sure I use your prod on my banners.

Steve :Welcome: from :Australia