Happy Canada Day!!!


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Yup, another year has come and gone....Looking forward to 3 days of golfing and the divorce papers to come on Tuesday!!!!

have a great holiday you fellow Canucks!!!

...and a side note...Happy Birthday USA!!!! :U Rock:

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Happy Canada day to everyone!:toasting:

Happy Fourth of July also to my American friends!! :wavingflag::bushmill:

Will be working Saturday and Monday though .. To much work to get done! .. Woohoo!:thumb::thumb:


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Tsk tsk......lol. :noway:

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends.....:Canada 2:

And Happy Independence Day to all my American friends! :wavingflag:

Hope everyone has a great long weekend....I know I will enjoy mine - going fishing tomorrow!!

:Big Laugh

Happy Canada Day, what are you goin to fish for out there?


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Happy Canada Day!! :Canada 2:

Hopefully this nice weather stays and i can spend this weekend bbq-ing and drinking beer!

Independence Day? wasn't that a movie with Will Smith? :wink:



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Happy everything......................

:Canada: :wavingflag:

................and let us not forget....................... :bushmill: bottom's up day !!


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Happy Canada Day indeed!


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Here are the gifts they have bestowed upon us for the 1st of the month:

VICTORIA — B.C.’s carbon tax will increase Sunday for the fourth time in as many years, meaning consumers will be paying almost seven cents more for every litre of gasoline they pump into their cars.

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/technol...+over+future/6864802/story.html#ixzz1zMo2bfT7

Then we just got this EHF levy:
(Environmental Handling Fee, due and payable upon purchase)

The EHF per unit is:
Product Category EHF/Levy
Desktop Computers $3.50
Portable Computers $0.70
Mice $0.05
Computer Keyboards $0.05
Single Hard Drives $0.05
Optical Drives $0.05
Monitors $12.25
Bundle - Computer + Mouse + Keyboard + Monitor $14.60
Bundle - Computer + Mouse + Keyboard $3.60
Printing Devices $5.40
Televisions (29” screen & smaller) $11.00
Televisions (30” screen & larger) $25.00
Home Audio/Visual Playback and/or Recording Systems $1.45
Home Theatre in a box (HTB) Systems $7.80
Vehicle Audio and Video systems $1.55
Personal/Portable Audio/Visual Playback and /or Recording Systems $0.10
Non-cellular telephones and answering machines $1.00
CPUs $4.40
Laptops $1.20
Computer monitors $6.00
TV screen 18" and smaller $4.00
TV screen between 19" to 29" $10.80
TV screen between 30" to 45" $18.80
TV screen 46" and larger $24.00
Printers $4.80
CPUs $15.00
Laptops $3.00
Computer peripherals (mice and keyboards) $1.10
Computer monitors $9.25
Printers $8.00
TV screen 18" and smaller $9.25
TV screen between 19" to 29" $9.25
TV screen between 30" to 45" $23.25
TV screen 46" and larger $23.25
Home Audio/Visual Playback and/or Recording Systems $3.50
Home Theatre in a box (HTB) Systems $6.00
Vehicle Audio and Video systems $2.75
Personal/Portable Audio/Visual Playback and /or Recording Systems $0.40
Non-cellular telephones and answering machines $0.85
Kitchen Countertop – Motorized Blenders, Beverage Fountains, Can Openers, Cheese Makers, Coffee Grinders, Cotton Candy Makers, Drink Mixers for Home Use, Electric Knife Sharpeners, Food Bag Openers, Food Choppers, Food Processors, Food Slicers, Gelato Makers, Hand Mixers, Ice Crushers, Ice Cream Makers/ Whippers, Juice Extractors, Juice Presses, Knives, Smoothie Makers, Stand Mixers, Meat Grinders, Pasta Makers, Potato Peelers, Salt and Pepper Mills, Spice Grinders, Wine Bottle Openers $2.25
Kitchen Countertop – Heating Bread Makers, Contact Grills, Countertop Ovens, Portable Stoves, Deep Fryers, Fondue Pots, Food Bag Sealers, Rice Cookers, Sandwich Makers, Slow Cookers, Tabletop Grills, Toasters, Waffle Irons $2.25
Kitchen Countertop – Coffee/Tea Coffee Makers, Coffee Urns, Espresso/Cappuccino Makers, Hot Beverage Makers, Kettles, Percolators, Pod Coffee Makers, Tea Makers $2.00
Large Microwave (1 cubic foot or larger) Countertop Microwave Ovens 1CU FOOT or GREATER $10.00
Small Microwave (Less than 1 cubic foot) Countertop Microwave Ovens less than 1CU FOOT $7.50
Time Measurement & Display Devices Alarm Clocks, Wall Clocks, Timers $0.75
Weight Measurement Residential Body Scales, Countertop Food Scales $2.75
Garment Care Household Irons, Travel Irons and Garment Steamers, Boot Dryers/Glove Dryers, Clothes Shavers, Cordless Irons, Garment Sanitizing Devices, Pant Presses, Shoe Brushes $1.00
Air Treatment Appliances Tower Fan, Household Electric Air Purifiers, Portable Humidifiers and Portable Heaters, Air Flow Equalizers, Aromatherapy Machines, Portable Fans, Portable Heaters, Electric Fireplaces $2.25
Desk and Tabletop Fans Tabletop Fans, Desktop Fans $1.25
Personal Care Automatic Soap Pump Dispensers, Beard Trimmers, Curling Irons or Brushes, Denture and Toothbrush Sanitizers, Facial Cleansing Devices, Facial Anti-aging Devices, Facial Saunas, Flossing Devices, Foot Baths, Hair Clippers, Hair Crimpers or Straighteners, Hair Curlers, Hair Dryers, Hair Shavers/Removers, Heated Footrests, Hot Roller/Curler Sets, Massagers, Mascara Devices, Oral Irrigators, Rechargeable Razors, Household Paraffin or Hot Oil Baths, Toothbrushes (rechargeable), Vanity Mirrors with Lighting $1.00
Large Floor Cleaning Upright Vacuum Cleaners, Canister Vacuum Cleaners, Floor or Surface Steamers, Floor Scrubbers/Polishers, Full-size Extractor Carpet Cleaners, Portable Extractor Carpet Cleaners, Robotic Vacuums, Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners over 15 L or (≥3.96 US gallons) $5.25
Small Floor Cleaning Vacuums, Electric Dust Pans, Handheld Vacuum Cleaners, Plug-in Vacuum Cleaners for use in Vehicles (12V), Steam Mops, Stick Vacuum Cleaners, Wet/Hard Floor Cleaners, Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners under 15 litres (<3.95 US gallons) $1.00
Designated Very Small Items Air Fresheners, Frothers, Lint Removers or Clothing Shavers under 250 g, Mug Warmers, Mini Massagers under 250 g, Personal Fans, Razors (primary cell), Small Scales under 250 g, Toothbrushes (primary cell) $0.25
Test and Measurement Tools/ Designated Very Small Handheld Power Tools Clamp Meters, Combustion Analyzers, Detection Tools, Digital Inspection Cameras, Digital Multimeters, Ferrodetectors, Fork Meters, Laser Levels, Laser Measuring Devices, Laser Range Meters, Leak and Pressure Detectors, Line Lasers, Plum Lasers, Point Lasers, Probes and Thermocouples, Transpointers $0.75
Handheld & Corded Power Tools Angle Grinders, Die Grinders, Polisher/Disc Sanders, Belt Grinders, Finishing Grinders, Orbit Grinders, Sheet Grinders, Tuckpoint Grinders, Waxers, Chisels, Planers, Power Scrapers, Routers, Air Inflator/Pumps, Grease Guns, Emission Analyzers, Battery Test Equipment, Brake Lathes, Noise Vibration Harshness Analyzers, Drills, Hammer Drills $1.25
Bench, Demolition & Freestanding Power Tools Band Saws, Chop Saws, Cutoff Machines, Mitre Saws, Scroll Saws, Table Saws, Tile Saws, Cabinet Saws, Breaker & Demolition Hammers, Diamond Corers/Cutters, Drill Presses, Engraving Drills, Grinders, Jointers, Lathes, Planers, Sanders, Solders, Welding Tools, Drum Sanders, Orbital Sanders, Orbital Floor Machines $2.75
Sewing Machines, etc. Embroidery Machines, Punching Machines, Sewing Machines, Knitting Machines, Quilting Machines, Overlock Machines, Sergers $2.75
Exercise Machines Treadmills, Elliptical & Cross Trainers, Cycling Machines, Abdominal Toning Belts, Mini Cycling Machines, Horse Riding Machines, Powered Yoga Balance Balls, Surfing Machines $4.25
Sports/Leisure/Hobby Arts/Crafts Devices Balloon Inflators, Bubble Machines, Dartboards, Night Vision Goggles, Insect Noise Repellent Devices, Mosquito Lanterns, Oxygen Analyzers, Scuba Systems, Laser Caddies/Rangefinders, Pitching Machines, Tennis Score Keepers $0.75
Designated Very Small Items (Additional) Electric Meters, Measuring Tapes, Stud Finders, Temperature Gauges, Glue Guns, Soldering Irons, Bicycle/Fitness Computers without GPS Capability, Bicycle Speedometers, Engraving Pens, Lighted Magnifiers $0.25
Portable Electronic & Music Devices Baby Video & Audio Monitors, Digital and Non-digital Cameras, Portable Scanners, E-book Readers, Calculators, Electronic Dictionaries, GPS, Headphones, Headsets, Intercoms, Microphones, MP3 Players, Portable Radios, FM Transmitters, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray Players, Portable Printers, Walkie-talkies, Web Cameras, Acoustic-electric Guitars, Banjos, Electric Guitars, Basses, Mandolins, Ukuleles, violins, Acoustic Percussion Instruments with Built-in Microphones, Drum Triggers, Electric Drum Kits, Portable MIDI Controllers, Keyboards, Preamps, Foot Pedals, Effect Pedals, Pickups, Bridges, Modems, Routers, Wireless Access Points, Server Modules, Handheld Printers & Label Makers $0.40
Portable Computers and Micro Products A personal computer designed for portable use. Items include: Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets $1.20
Desktop/ Countertop Electronic Products Computer Terminals, Desktop Computers Used as Servers, Thin Clients, Data Storage Equipment Sold for Use in Data centres, Breast Pumps, Electronic Sleep Therapy Devices. $5.50
All-in-one and Display Products ≤29” Cash Registers/POS Terminals, Closed-circuit Monitors, Computer Monitors, Graphic Tablets with Displays >10”, Professional Displays, Televisions <29” $9.00
Display Products >29” and Floor-standing Products Televisions, Computer Monitors, Professional Displays, Closed-circuit Monitors. Printing and Copying Devices, utilizing all printing technologies that are floor-standing models and that can print on media with dimensions up to 48” wide. Items Include: Fax Machine Drum Scanners, Fax Machine Photocopiers, Floor-standing Fax Machines, Floor-standing Printers, Floor-standing Scanners $31.75
Non-cellular Telephones and Answering Machines Speaker/Conference Phones, Telephone-line Answering Machines, Telephones, VoIP, Satellite Phones, Telephone Amplifiers, VoIP Phone Adapters. $0.85
Computer & Video Gaming Peripherals Keyboards, Keypads, Computer Mice, Numeric Keypads, Separately-sold Universal Remote Controls, Solid-state or Portable Drives, Touchpad Mice, Trackball Video Game Console Controllers, Zip drives $0.90
Audio, Video & Gaming Products and Non-portable Musical Instruments Amplifiers, Analog and Digital Cameras for Home Security or Closed-circuit Home Use, Intercoms, Cable & Satellite Receivers, CD or Tape Decks, Digital Projectors, Digital Video Recorders (DVR & PVR), Home Video Gaming Consoles, Karaoke Machines, Non-portable AM/FM Radios, Receivers, Small Satellite Dishes, Turntables $3.50
Home Theatre In A Box (HTB) Systems Audio and/or Video Equipment Packaged by an OEM as a complete system intended to provide an “in-home” theatre experience. HTB audio and video packaged as a complete unit including: Amplifiers, Disk Players, Speakers, Sub-woofers, and All Associated Cables, etc. $6.00
Desktop/Countertop Printing Products & Multi-function Products Camera Dock Printers, Desktop Scanners, Desktop Fax Machines, Desktop Label Makers, Desktop Printers & Scanners, Electronic Typewriters $6.50
Handheld Outdoor Power Equipment Brush Cutters/Loppers, Chainsaws, Garden Shears, Garden Sprayers/Insect Foggers, Ice Drills, Lawn Blowers/Vacuums, Lawn Scarifiers/Dethatchers, Pole Chainsaws, Pole Saws/Pole Pruning Saws, Post Hole Diggers, Stick Edgers, Tillers, Trimmers $2.50
Walk-behind Outdoor Power Equipment Lawnmowers, Snow-throwers/Snowblowers, Tillers/Cultivators, Dethatchers, Edgers/Trimmers, Lawn Aerators $10.00
Free-standing Outdoor Power Equipment Mulchers, Pressure Washers, Wood Chippers/Shredders, Wood Splitters $7.70
Lawn Tractors Lawn Tractors $40.00
Hang on, not done yet.
CPUs $10.50
Laptops $2.10
Computer monitors $11.50
Computer scanners $8
Printers $6.50
Computer Peripherals (Mice and Keyboards) $0.90
TV screen 18" and smaller $11.50
TV screen between 19" to 29" $11.50
TV screen between 30" to 45" $40
TV screen 46" and larger $40
Home audio/video playback and/or recording systems $3.50
Home theatre in a box (HTB) systems $6.00
Vehicle audio & video systems $2.75
Personal/portable audio/video playback and/or recording systems $0.40
Non-cellular telephones and answering machines $0.85

Where does it all go? Maybe here:
E-Waste Hell
How the west dump Electronic Waste in Africa and India
Electronic Trash Village - China

Lord Monckton Interview: Scientific Misconduct

Now get out there, drink lots of beer, watch more TV, wave that flag, and don't ask questions for they love compliance! :Canada 2:

Stay asleep, deep deep sleep, and by all means, DON"T look at this unless you can handle the truth!
Bank Of Canada Lawsuit - Press Release
(heard it on the news? read it in the paper? WHY NOT)

or here

Take it from a kid!
'We're being robbed!' 12yo girl exposes Canada banking flaws
Economists around the world are struggling to break free of the clutches of the financial crisis. But a twelve-year-old Canadian knows what needs to be done. Victoria Grant took the Internet by storm overnight, after a video of her slamming Canada's banks for robbing the people went viral. RT talks to internet sensation Victoria Grant and her mother Marcia Grant.

more here

I'll celebrate when the fraud ends and the banksterZ and lying politicianZ are in jail away from a struggling society.

Wide Awake and Actively supporting LIBERTY & FREEDOM



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Well I hate to burst your bubble about e-waste......In Western Canada and the North Western US it gets hauled to Trail BC and recycled.....Here we have a company called KC Recycling that disables, shreds, etc. 20+ jobs have been created....Plastic is sorted and sent to various location to be re-used.....The metal and other parts are taken to Teck where there are smelted back into the various base metals....This is good for our world so we do not leave a big mess for our children to cleanup.....