Has anyone tried the Rugen training tapes?


I have been trying to learn Flexi 7.6 and it is coming along. This is a very
complicated program and the manual does not touch on anything in any
depth. I have taken classes from Mark a few years ago but they always
seem to get bogged down with very simple questions or someone who is
obsessed with their own problems (don't ya hate that?).
So what I am looking for is detail- the fine points of the many features.
Would also be interested in a used set if someone is done with them. Thanks

P Wagner

The Rugen tapes are fine for the very raw beginner, but don't add much for those with a wee bit of experience with the software. On the other hand, the production values are good for a hearty laugh!


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Personally i think marks tape are great. I have actually hired Mark to come to my shop and give me and my employees personal training....i think hes great...


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I bought the booklets......Pretty much everything is there anyway in pdf file in your program isn't it ?


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i got the cd's .. gave me a lot of insight. Im glad i got em even tho i dont use flexi.. I was in the process of purchasing flexi just before the storm.. Was waiting for the update to show up..