HDO plywood

Wild Hare

I just had a customer drop off a sheet of HDO. Works for the gov. and says must be HDO, rather than MDO what I have in stock. Anyway one side looks like cheap knotty pylwood and the other side had the paper backing. I always thought that the paper side was the back. Can I paint the paper side like normal and use that surface as the front?

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MDO comes three ways - resin, primed, or enameled...or variations thereof (resin/prime for instance - resin 1 side, prime 1 side)

Wild Hare

OK, I guess that question made me sound stupid. But I always order my MDO primed, and this is HDO so it threw me.


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hey if he is from the government and dropped it off thats what you need to use i wouldnt have even questioned it....cause they know best