HDU shortage?


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Has anyone noticed the delay and lack of availability on hdu as of late? I don't use a ton of it, but I have a substantial order to rout and was told that the balance of my order couldn't be filled for almost a month. Huh? And this was from a well known, established supplier here on the east coast. Anyone else having issues?


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I doubt it's a shortage but rather the suppliers are trying to hold down their cost of keeping inventory. They're probably placing their orders only when they have to..


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Agree 100%. All of the suppliers are cutting back their inventory to only those items that are fast moving.

I'm from the area, but your supplier could be one of many in this area. Try another one if yours isn't responding fast enough. It's not good to put all of your eggs into one basket.


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Oh, don't worry Gino, I have. It's not a matter of how fast they're moving, it's what they have in stock!


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Yeah, I just ordered some Sign Foam 3 and my supplier didn't have it in stock. I wanted 18 lb, and their system said it was out of stock, but they had (1) sheet of 15 lb in stock, and so I ordered it.

Turns out they couldn't find that sheet, so they were going to order it in. :banghead: