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Looking for a new heat gun option. Has anyone used the Milwaukee cordless? I am looking at that or the Wagner Furno series of heat guns. What have you been happy with?

The reason I am changing is because my current heat gun isn't blowing well, needs replaced and I want to see what the pros are using ;)


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For a cheapy, Ive had really good luck with the wagner ht1000. I was in a pinch one day and grabbed 2 at Walmart. They still work fine after 4 years. With that, Id assume their other better models are good as well.


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I get the yellow Wagner's. About 23-25 bucks each. Nothing fancy here, but they're so affordable, I buy 2.


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We have gone through lots of different heat guns but the ones we love for wrapping are the Milwaukee 8975-6 model. They are just under $100 at Northern Tool but they come with a 5 year warranty. I just sent one in that we had for 2 years, used everyday and had the low go out on it. Sent it in and they sent me a brand new one back. With that kind of warranty, $100 is nothing for a good heat gun that gets used constantly.


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I've had a Wagner Turbo HT3000 for maybe 20 years. Works great for lotsa things. It has a cord, not battery operated.


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We have jobmate cheap guns we got on sale for less than 10 bucks years ago. we bought 40 of them and have been using them for removals and whatnot. we also have a digital display dewalt we bought about 5 years ago that we only use for wraps so we can keep track of the temp. We recently got the Milwaukee cordless. Its good. Lasts a lot longer than I thought it would. We were able to do a removal the other day without having to run a hundred foot extension cord. we also got it so that we could have 2 people working on the same project out of shop with heat guns without blowing a breaker. In my opinion its already paid for itself in saved time.


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The Wagner Spraytech heat gun is ideal for house and garage project maintenance. The two temperature settings, which are 750˚ F and 1000˚ F, allowed me to use it on different surfaces depending on how hot the material demands.


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Corded: Whatever Harbor Freight has on sale. Cordless: Ridgid. Butane/battery. Will run wide open for 40 minutes before you need more butane. Haven't had to charge the 5Ah battery yet. Been very happy with rig. Only thing I'm going to do is put on a 2Ah battery to make it lighter.


I bought a no name cordless heat gun on Amazon... it's good for about 15 minutes then kapoot. I knew that going in, but it is good on small jobs outside when you really don't want to run a power cord or can't access power


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I have a Milwaukee battery heat gun (cordless) in my install bag. I love it! Its great for exterior graphic installations where a bit of heat is needed and no outlets are available. However when it comes to wrapping a vehicle it wont last you very long and going with a corded option would be best in my opinion.


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Here, ya don't need no stinkin' holster, belt or cord. Just strap it on.


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