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ok heres the deal, ehhh hemm, i am designing a graphic for a 32 ft trailer at scale.. because i was told from the guy who is gonna wholesale print it for me that this is the best way to do it for him..but i am using the rip open filter in photoshop cs2 plugin xenofex 2, and it is saying that it cannot complete the task because it ran out of memory (ram)..so i went to the store and bought a 512 mb radeon graphics card..still the same problem..so i took that back and got 1 gig of ram and installed it...still the same problem..i need to get this designed and ready to print within a few days..and i dont know what to do..can anyone help me..maybe i send you the file and you could do the effect for me?? i need help baaaad..this is a huge job that needs to be done in a very timely manner..please help me..i would be eternally in your debt if someone can help.. thanks in advance jeremy


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typical problem with Photoshop happens to me all the time with 4GB,
even though 4GB is actually no more than about 2.8GB . . .

You should try using a different Prog,
perhaps you have Illustrator or corel or something !

RJ California

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Can you post a pic of what the final graphic will look like? I'm pretty sure that you can cut the scale way back and still have a very good print when scaled out.
Your printer can run a small test print of a piece of the graphic to see how it will actually print.


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here it is


Fred Weiss

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Try switching to RGB. That will reduce the memory requirements by about 25% which is likely to save you around 300 mb of resource usage.

Your ppi seting is kind of low IMHO. The resolution setting is immaterial though. What you stated before is just three of the same thing. What you want to setup on is pixel dimensions. If your canvas is to be 32 feet wide that equals 32 x 12 x desired ppi. I would shoot for 100 ppi which means that you want your canvas size to be 32 x 12 x 100 = 38,400 pixels in width. You will need to make a similar calculation for the height of the canvas as well and enter that.

The question then becomes: Will this choke your resources or did switching to RGB result in enough reduction?

If it still runs out of resources, then you may want to go to preferences and set your Memory to a higher allocation and the caches to a lower setting. Secondly, in preferences, check your settings for your scratch disk. If your scratch disk is the same as your startup disk, you may want to consider adding a second drive ... leaving it empty and designating it as your scratch disk.

Close other programs of course to free up resources.

If after all that it still chokes, cut your ppi back to 72. I would not recommend going down to 50 unless no one is going to view the print from any closer than 15 or 20 feet away.


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What Fred said.

Also depending on the size of printer, and the type of tiles you are doing, you could cut the file into 2 or even 3 with a good overlap.

This would effectively cut the memory needs in half or more if you go three.

Also have you gone into start-->run--> msconfig (type this in) then look in the last tab "startup".
Uncheck the programs that you don't need to start up. There are other things to shut off in services but you will need more help with that. I think you can shut off windows stuff and when you reboot if it needs it windows runs it again, but don't take my word for it! Anyone else know this stuff?

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Photoshop running out of memory is not because of the physical memory problems.. its the scratch disk..

you have to change your scratch (page file) disk settings,
reduce it by 5% untill you stop getting the out of memory nag..
usually around 35-40% will do it..
you do not want BIGGGER scratch disk settings, you want SMALLER. Smaller is better.

Edit/preferences/memory /image cache
Change this setting down to about 35 - 40% used by photoshop.. Just because you have 2 gigs of ram doesn't mean you get to use it..


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How big is the file you end up with in Photo CS2? It is notorious for making big files. Can you re-size to a smaller file for export then change dimensions in your RIP?


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filter in photoshop cs2 plugin xenofex 2, and it is saying that it cannot complete the task because it ran out of memory

The problem is not with in his RIP.. His problem is within photoshop.. He is using a Xenofex filter and photoshop is giving him the "out of memory" nag while he is trying to render the effect..


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thanks for the help but none of these options changed anything..im so streesed this job has to be designed by today...im gonna throw my pc out the window..
On occasion some huge files give us grief, regardless of what we need to do.

Everything that you have been told so far has merit, but everythings has some limitation somewhere. Here is a cheat that sometimes works.

- Duplicate file ("save as" different name)
- Crop are of image that you want to apply effect/filter to.
- Apply effect/filter
- Save file, but keep open.
- Open original file and use "save as" again (yes, it will now be three files)
- Flatten file number three
- Go to file number two with the desired effect and duplicate layer to file number three.
- DO NOT merge or flatten yet!!!
- Turn off file number three (eye)
- Select/highlight duplicated layer (#2) and select magic wand with "contiguous" selected
- Click MW on blank area (this will give you the crawling ants)
- Invert the the selection
- Turn on #3 and select/highlight
- Hit delete or use your eraser, deleting the original area that had no effects

Your image should now look like you want it to. If it does, flatten image and set to printer.

There may be another way to accomplish the same thing but I do not know. Good luck.


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'Rodsigns' has the best answer so far...why on earth would your print guy want it at full scale!?!...absolutely NO reason for that! As Rod say...print out a section at a fraction of the scale and one at full... you'll be hard pressed to see the difference at a normal viewing distance for this graphic, even up close, parked at the racetrack! :) Notice in your profile you have a SP-300v...give 'er a go with that using the above... :) My buddy out west does a LOT of bus and semi-trailers and NEVER does them at scale! ..that is what RIPs are for!!!! If you could successfully do this type of work 'at scale' in the design programs and print directly from them (which is basically what you are attempting to accomplish designing at scale), you wouldn't need a RIP, would you? :)
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In his defense, he sublets his prints. Many do not understand the technical aspects of the process because they have never dealt with them. It gets even worse when people who own printers do not understand - which is very common also.


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the other best advice was that you will be having these printed on panels.. what size panel? ... break up the file into that size panel (with 1/2" overlap) & then you will have 5 or 6 files instead of one big file