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Hello All.............

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I have been in the business for 8 years and do Signs and Screenprinting. Me and my wife Rebecca Live in Southwest VA and we both run our little shop. I have been up and down in this business and have a little(very Little :0) ) to share and hope to gain a little knowledge along the way. Once again Hello to all......................


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when I lived in America for a few months I wish I had a dime for everytime someone asked me to say crikey and danger danger danger!
Although I kept on telling everyone they all had a funny accent :p

:Welcome: :Australia


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What was with this bonehead stunt though???

Dave Drane said:
Just don't bag Steve Irwin... I think he rocks!!!:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:


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Dave Drane

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I think Steve Irwin is one of the greatest blokes around. With all the money he makes he could buy hotels real estate or whatever but he puts every last cent back into wildlife. I have kookaburras come to my home where I feed them from my back verandah. Recently one of them had an eye infection possibly from a smaller bird attacking him. He was going down hill real fast so I rang Australia Zoo which is only a 15 minute drive from home and they were just so polite and good about me getting him down there as quickly as I could. They had to remove his eye and put him on antibiotics but I was able to take him back home and put him back in the bush after 4 days. The whole operation did not cost me a cent. The koala hospital was cleaner than some hospitals I have seen. The kooky does not trust me as much now and refuses to sit on my arm but he is getting better. Shovel, as for the bonehead stunt Steve knew exactly what he was doing. He understands animals and lets face it, he is definately a showman.:thumb:
You can see in the pic where he has no eye.


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