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Hello everyone!


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Greetings from Central Iowa! Current temp is 8 Degrees but that will seem warm by the weekend!

My name is Jeff, I've been in and around the sign business and graphics business for 20 years this month. Started out striping cars and trucks and have gradually moved into owning my own sign shop. Now trying to get Online Business going.

Looking forward to checking out the forums.

Just curious though, it seems like there are alot of people complaining about their Mutoh printers???? I've had 2 Falcons one indoor and one outdoor and aside from few little things that shut me down for a couple days I've been real pleased with them. And The Mutoh Ultima SC-1400D Plotter is an awesome machine if you do Contour Cutting of your prints!!!

Anyway I got to get back to work! Rent is due!

The Big Squeegee

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Welcome from Oklahoma!

:Welcome: to :signs101:

Hi Jeff

I lived in Iowa for 12 years and left about five years ago. Nice place to be in the summer time.

I had a Falcon outdoor too. I think that most of the complaints have to do with getting parts and some of it had to do with changing ink and not continuing with the old ink.

I think the Falcon is a real easy machine to work with. I did find it a little slow printing but I think some of that had to do with interfacing with the computer. I did not have good support to help me with the interface.


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Thanks for the welcome everyone! And I'm glad I'm not in business in PA! There seems to be a number of you out there.



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Welcome to the group. I have a Mutoh also and it prints just fine. A little slow....sure , but then I am the slowest link in my operation. I am getting to know and like Iowa very well. Married a gal from the "beautiful" town of Ottumwa. I have found out they have there own language....I believe it' Iowanese. They speak it "to who laid it".