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Hello form Ontario Can.

Mark L

New Member
Hi all,

Just to let you all know Im new to this site and happy to be here
Also a newbie to the sign industry.
We are a company that designed and installed precut paint protection film kits on cars.
So we are famillar with cutters. Now we wanted to expand our business so signs were an easy fit.
Sites like this one are an awesome source of information. I've learned so much just reading posts.

Mark Legere
Chip Guard Custom Designs Inc.:Canada 2:


New Member
Hello Mark.....what part of Ontario? I'm on the Michigan side of the Blue Water Bridge. Right across from Sarnia.

Mark L

New Member
Hi Jim,

I'm from Barrie (45 miles north of Toronto)
You know where we get all the snow............
We just got 4 inches overnight. (great eh)
Hows business for you down there?