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Hello from Eastern Iowa


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My wife and I are opening our own shop. Can't wait to get into full swing. Just printed our first banner today. Was really great to produce a product I can be proud of. Am currently a network technician and am really tired of fixing other people problems all the time. Thanks for the welcomes!!!!!!
Big River Sign Co.


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Welcome to the group.....I'm in Wis but marrying a gal from Ottumwa ( no relation to Radar)....but she's been in Wis for 22 years ....Oh , Newell we will be staying in Wis for now. Too bad???? for you!


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Thanks to all for the welcome. As soon as I figure out how to attach our logo to my messages I will. I am very computer literate but do not have a lot of experience with message boards or chat.
Really looking forward to being part of the sign community.
Thanks everyone and your may your business be honest and profitable
Mike B


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Welcome Mike....to the forum and to the business. Best of everything to you and yours! :thumb:

~Geary...from the agricultural spraying capital of the world.....*cough, sputter, choke*


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Hello fr Singapore..

The best job in the world is you get paid for the
thing that you enjoy doing (passion).
On which printer you using to make your first banner?