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hello from Greece


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Hello to all of you, your experience is very usefull.I am new to this site and i find it just fromk luck.
Nice holidays

Stan B

Hi Ndo! welcome aboard! it would be very interesting to know little more about signs & shops over in Greece! any pics of recent work or may be a shop pics? how is the weather out there?


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I will upload some

I will upload some pictures , who i could upload them.The weather here is little crazy one day cold aone day warm you dont know what clothes you must wear.
I am the first person that join to this forum from Greece.
I am sorry if my english are bud.


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Hi NDO ... My ex wife is greek .. Verry pretty .. but what a temper !!! :cool:
I'd love to see some signs from your neck of the woods.


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Well, if your English is 'bud', that's close enough to Budweiser' and that's close to Old Mill... then, you're all right in my book !! :thumb:


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Got some Greek blood running in my veins too. Family's last name was Liacopolus before they got to America (Ellis Island) where it was changed.

Welcome to signs101! Look forward to seeing some of the work over there.


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