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Hi All! I'm Betsy from Lancaster PA. I ran a lawn sign biz for many years which meant that I did birthday and announcement signs. I use a roland stika 15" with crap software - so I need some help here. I use the Dr Stika software that came with the machine. I bought it in 2002 and only used the machine to do announcements for my yard signs names etc. I am now doing car decals, boat names and window lettering for businesses and signs for local businesses. But I am learning the hard way all too often.

I worked FT and did announcements PT - but last October was downsized and well you all know the state of the ecomony so I'm STILL unemployed and I have 2 little ones to support so I've been forced to be creative, bartering signs for services...I also found that I love the design work, I'm super creative and I love it so here I am.

I need help with advice on better software, where to buy vinyl and blades as inexpensively as possible, what vinyl is best for my machine and needs...cuz weeding is my worst nightmare and I think blade adjustment has been a problem...which I think I fixed in the past few days by pure accident :scream:

Any help and advice, suggestions etc is appreciated.

Thanks, I'm glad to be here!
Betsy - Sevenangels


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Welcome from Cape of Cod. Use the search feature and you will find plenty of help and answers to the basic questions.