Hello from LI, NY


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Hi, my name is Scott and I own Long Island Trophies & Awards located in beautiful, yet expensive, Long Island NY

A couple of years ago we bought a cutter to add a touch of color to some of our awards. Since then we have expanded into coroplast signs, banners and vehicle graphics. Nothing major, but enough to keep the equipment paying for itself.

We offer a full line of trophies, plaques, sublimation, imprinted clothing and laser cutting.

Our major equipment list...

Epilog Legend 24 - 25 watt laser -12" x 24" table
Epilog Helix - 35 watt laser - 18" x 24" table
Epson 4800 Printer - SubliJet IQ Inks
Epson 1280 Printer - SubliJet XL Inks
Vinyl Express Lynx S60 - 24" Vinyl Cutter
GeoKnight 16" x 20" Swing Away Press
GeoKnight Mug Press

Glad I found your site and am looking forward to picking your brains for some advice. I hope I have the chance to give a little back when I can.


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Welcome to Signs101 . . . We also have a Legend 24 and do trophies and awards and mugs and t-shirts and signs and ...............................

Glad to have ya aboard !


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Hi Scott. Welcome from Beautiful BC.
Let us know what you like about laser engraving...
Rep... I didn't realize you are also in that market..tell us more.
Maybe there should be a forum for that also...Fred?

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Hey Pitch, welcome. I have nearly the same equipment. Epilog Legend 40 watt 12x24, Xenethch 912 rotary, epson 1280 sublijet IQ, Geo Knight 16x20 and mug plus a couple other 16x20's and a hat press. My plotter is a Roland GX24. Sounds like we do some of the same things, we should chat.


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Thanks everyone!!

As for the laser question, speed. I started with a Meistergram rotory, thought it was the greatest thing ever. Went to a trade show, saw a laser work and fell in love. Called both major laser manufacturers (at the time it was Universal and Epilog) Universal told me to fly to them to see the machine. Epilog rep put the laser in his SUV, hopped on a ferry and came to me. Bought it that day. 5 years later I added the Helix to the asenal.

Unfortunatly I bought a cheap cutter. So far so good, no problems ::Knocks on wood:: Looking to upgrade soon.

Also looking into large format printers. I am thinking Summa but people keep telling me NO!! Right now I sub out to another shop that uses a Summa and I love what I am getting.