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Hello from the Beerman


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I've been on here 2 days and I'm already learning a few things! I'll type this quick and reply more when time allows.
I run the graphics department for a beer/beverage distributor in north Texas.
We run 3 HP 5500s, a couple Oki Data 9600s, a Titan 110 lamintor, Roland CAMM1Pro, Gerber Edge and Gerber HS15. I try to avoid the Gerbers as the software doesn't agree with me and I just haven't spent the time to figure it out. We (5 of us here) use CoCut Pro for the Roland, and Onyx PosterShop for the HPs and one Oki (for fun really). Eventually I plan to figure out the Cut Server with the Onyx, but I haven't used CoCut to its abilities just yet.
Corel and Illustrator are the tools of choice leaning heavily on Corel.

Am I worthy :help:


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of being on the site, don't want to get kicked out ya know.... i guess my funny isn't working today...

Charlie J

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Welcome dude,

what beer/beverage distributor do you work for if you don't mind my asking...unless you'd rather not say


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of course, i was helpin a freind of mine who paints,,,hang a couple signs at PEPSI....i had the mobile sign shop there. this guy comes out and starts askin me how this works or that ...i said why you askin?
he said iam the DISPATHCER for the trucks, and while they are out pepsi got this computer and vinyl cutter...for me to do stuff on......i dont need to tell you any more do i????