Hello from TX


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Hello! I just started doing vinyl work on the side. I have not fully decided what all I am going to focus on. I am just doing it on the side. I work for a sign supply place and I just want to be a little more hands on in the industry. :thankyou:
Hope it clears up for next weeks show! If you don't have free tickets to get in, let me know and I'll send you some. The show is in Fort Worth. To find out more about the shows go to nbmshows.com

Welcome from Oklahoma


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Hey Dale! Thanks a bunch. Yes I know the show is in Ft. Worth. I work for one of the vendors that will be there. It's a sign supply vendor that has a location in the DFW area. We will be at the show but I will not be there in a company aspect. I will be there on my own.

Steve C.

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Hey Steve! Are you going to the show?

Yes, Thurs or Fri maybe both. Can't be there on Sat. got other plans...
MayFest! MGD is calling me. You goin'? I'll be the short, fat, old guy in the
Signfonts tshirt.

Yeah, Kenny, we have had our share of nasty storms this month. Hope thats
all for awhile. Rain is nice to have for a change tho.