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Hello from VA & NH


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Hello to all, my name is Jenifer and my sister is Heather. We were talking over the summer about fun things that we'd seen and she told me about scrapbooking on your walls with vinyl. After doing a quick bit of research I found a great deal on ebay and purchased a Sticka cutter along with the software, 5 rolls of vinyl and a bunch of blades.

Heather has managed to change out the blade and cut out a few designs for posters that she made and that all worked out great. We just don't know what sort of backing/transfer paper to use to put the vinyl onto walls etc. We have tons of questions and I know that there is a wealth of information to be had here. I will take some time to lurk the current threads and go from there.

We look forward to getting to know everyone!

Jenifer & Heather


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I know there are videos here to show you but I can't seem to remember where they are. Go to http://www.signwarehouse.com/howto.htm and on the left side there are streaming vides to show you somethings you will need to know. If you get lost on something just ask. There are know stupid Questions. Enjoy signs 101!


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You are right there is a lot of info available here. R TAPE CONFORM SERIES 4075 is the one we use most.

Welcome from NJ and enjoy :Welcome:


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Assuming the walls are painted with typical latex indoor paint: You will probably need a lower tack transfer tape to minimize the chance of pulling the paint off the wall. Be aware that the vinyl adhesive will likely take off the paint as well when you go to remove the graphics.


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Hello, I am Jen's sister, Heather and I am in NH (central.) I am grateful that we found your group, we have so many questions. Thanks for the info we have already recieved from everyone.